A call to all who would aid the Ceriopolis Militia


To all capable adventurers of the Ceriopolis

Like many of you, I will be departing to the new lands of Strayden to aid them as we have aided the lands of Calliphestus. Before each of us depart, I would make a request that any of you who can teach offer some time and instruction towards the Militia of the Ceriopolis. I have been working with Sir Tantarus to establish a strong Militia capable of defending the Ceriopolis from the savage Legion and other threats, and now that so many of the local adventures shall be departing they must be able to stand on their own in that duty.

I will be remaining in the Ceriopolis for the next few months to make certain that their training is complete and that the Ceriopolis will remain safe in our absence. I ask that in your downtime between our recent victory over the Kesh and when you finally travel to Strayden that you contact myself, or the Captain of the Militia so that we may continue their training. Any skills you can offer will be of use as a diversity of training ensures preparedness against all adversaries.

I thank each of you in advance for the efforts you have made in the defense of these lands and the legacy we shall leave behind in the citizens and soldiers we have trained.

Squire Eldor
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I shall help.

Kelb the dwarf

(oog question, who should I send my downtime to?)
(OOG: You can send your downtimes to plot as normal, saying that you are helping the Militia in any ways that you can, or you can send me a message with the ways that your character is able to help, including your email and I will include you in a group downtime.)