A Call to Arms from the Order of the Gryphon


As many citizens have noted, the Fae Mists seem unusually potent of late. While many of the kingdom's adventurers and heroes are making their way to the edge of the former Contested Lands and the town of Fairdale, the Mists seem to be converging in "nearby" Elindil. It is unclear what would cause such a concentration in an area long untouched by substantial challenge, and it is speculated that it may simply be the conjunction or meetin of other focuses. Any adventurers not heading to Fairdale, or those who do not believe they can make it safely in time are requested to divert to Elindil. Those unfamiliar with the Forest, open though it may be in recent years, are reminded to give wide berth to both the Wold and Tir'Kanir, and heed any instructions from any nearby Rangers.

(OOG- This is the promised "your PC can't make it" option. Why the mists and Elindil are important to the overall story will be made clear at the closer, or after, for those players who cannot attend. Should you come to Elindil's defense, please notify plot by Sunday, 10/20 so your characters presence can be woven into the story to be posted at the end of the month -- Plot).