A Caravan On The Move

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Morning came, but Dyne did not sleep. The person he had known for hundreds of years, Kainah, had been captured, enslaved and killed right in front of him, and the image played throughout his mind on repeat. The caravan, now leaderless, had to move on or they would eventually become a meal for the Merrah. While not everyone shared his (and Kainah's) wish to reach Haven, they all agreed that following the map would be their only hope of salvation. While some left in the night (like the gemmed selunari, Sebastian), most did stick around, making what preparations they could, and Dyne did his best to lend a hand or directing people where to go or what to do. Was it his place to do so? Probably not, but he felt responsible for the people here and he was going to make sure they all got out of this alive and eventually, to Haven.

Throughout the day, Dyne walked with the different members of the tribes, trying to collection as much information as he could, so he could best use their abilities to lead to the caravan's success. While some were suspicious of the elf, others were more forthcoming about who they were, which was much appreciated. They were going to get through this trial together, and the key to their success would be information. (Here are the questions that he was asking) https://forms.gle/LwebwuKtTwRC3fUf8)

Dyne reached his hand into his pocket, thumbing over a trinket from the past, remembering the promise he made that they would go to Haven... and this was a promise he would not break.
About a dozen or so yards away a figure cloaked in black watched over the encampment as they slept, picking out the figured who were slowing rising from their slumber. High up in the trees Corvin was doing his best to stay unnoticed for now, but he knew he would have to make his presence known at some point. He didn't leave this camp in the best of moods last time, and was hoping that he could find someone within who seemed to give a damn. Scanning the surroundings of the camp he noticed an elf going around and speaking to the others that had also awoken. Kainah seemingly trusted this one, perhaps that was who he should speak to.

As the camp moved on throughout the day Corvin followed, keeping more than a few paces behind, listening to the surrounding areas. All seemed calm, a little to calm for his likings. He hadn't lived a calm day in this shard his entire life. But with Kainah gone, who else would look over these people. Who else would guide them to Haven.
After giving his answers, Tamra asks the elf his own question "So are others going to be able to see this list you are putting together, or are you going to keep it to yourself?"
Dyne thought for a moment, "I wasn't planning on making the information gathered public." He paused, but then smiled, "But I would be more than willing to share the results with any who are curious. Our numbers are many and our knowledge is limited, but with this list I hope to change that. Thankfully, the infighting between the clans hasn't really happened yet which has made this quest of mine surprisingly easy thus far."

The elf held his notebook out to Tamra, "Care to take a peek?"
"Perhaps when you have a little more gathered," Tamra shakes his head with a smile, "though the openness is welcome. With the two apparent leaders of this group dead or missing, who is in charge?"
Emerging from a nearby tent, stretching and yawning, Zestiria says, "I'd say the guy with the life spell." She holds up her hands apologetically to Dyne. "I mean, if it's enough for your new lady friends, it's good enough for me."
"Well, when you have the power over life and death... is there a better choice?" Dyne laughed. "But to be honest with you Tamra, no one. That's why I'm doing this. I don't want us to lose focus or fall to infighting as it would lead to certain death for us all."
Dyne's eyes widened, "Of course, the Life Wardens!" He slapped himself on the forehead and shook his head, "They should absolutely be made aware of this. The Collector was using necromancy, powerful necromancy at that. If we can get them on their case, they may take out one of our bigger threats."
Seraphina would take and fill out one of the forms, spending a good long time on it before handing the form back with the writing utensil. She would explain, “I am Seraph- right, so this document is very important, please read it. And feel free to share it. I believe we are in need of more leaders, as well. If we ever send a group off away from the caravan, they need a designated leader. I don’t care if that’s me or someone else, I want someone to be calling shots.”
Dyne nodded, "I'll be sure to read every letter of your mini novel. And I agree, when groups go off hunting boars or goblins or what have you, there needs to be a decisive voice that people listen to when it's time to run, advance or anything else."
Dyne nodded, "I'll be sure to read every letter of your mini novel. And I agree, when groups go off hunting boars or goblins or what have you, there needs to be a decisive voice that people listen to when it's time to run, advance or anything else."
Seraphina continued, “Exactly. Also, never trust a goblin, never forget a grudge. Honestly, I am Seraphina, and we need to have some sort of screaming contest. It would be practice for when we die, and every entrant puts a silver into the pool, and the loudest screamer takes all or something.”

She would brush her long hair, and then continue, “Honestly, taking initiative is a sign of leadership, if you’re collecting all these reports on our abilities, I would give my vote for you to be a leader. You undoubtedly have that potential, and I would like to see it put to good use.”
"While I'm not so sure about a screaming contest, especially considering where we are at the moment, I do appreciate your vote of confidence," Dyne smiled. "But if you do find some people to partake, just make sure that you're not alerting the Merrah, or worse, to our location."
Seeing more of the camp up and about, Corvin decided to make himself known during one of their rest stops. He slowly came in out of the brush through the back of the group, making his way to the talkative Elf healer. He stood a step or two back, waiting for their conversation to pause.
After collecting the information from an older elvish couple, Dyne turned to the raven-kyn, "Ah, I've see you about before. Corbin? Corvin? You're one of Kainah's scouts, are you not?"
"It is pronounced Corvin, and yes I am one of her scouts..." his face turns down "well... I was..."

Corvin gives his head a shake and takes a deep breath, trying to calm his emotions. "Do you have any information as to her whereabouts? I've heard the worst, but have been holding onto the hope that she would come back through Sebastian's circle any time now."
As night begins to fall and the Caravan sets up camp a brightly clad Sylvanborn walks up to where the curious artifact which has been protecting them has been placed, whistling a jaunty tune. Giving a few moments to study it with more than a little curiosity Aldous pulls out a hammer and nails and mounts what he has been working on for the past couple of days on the side of the wagon. "Lets bring a little bit of Calandonian organization to this endeavor, shall we?" he thinks to himself.

"Excursion Organization Board" it reads, with pegs mounted in ascending order and a collection of placards on string. Below the title is written "Write your name or the name of the group you belong to on a placard provided. Excursion parties will be decided on who is most rested and those not belonging to a particular group will be placed with one."

Below the board he places a bowl and a note that states "Need a potion, take a potion. Have a potion, leave a potion. Be prepared, STAY ALIVE."

And finally next to the bowl he drops a large leather bound book with the words "Caravan Log" stenciled on the front and a stack of papers with "The Party Summary Report" written at the top, leaving much room for writing. He tucks a note into the book, ensuring that what is written is visible. "As that this was not previously available please write in what you know had occurred both during your excursions and what was learned in conversation so that we can all keep as informed as possible. This will also serve to inform those in Haven of what has been learned and accomplished during our journey."
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Having overheard some of what Corvin and Dyne were talking about Aldous saunters over. "Greetings Corvin, greetings Timothy. My condolences, the loss of both Kinaiah and her second in command has hit us all hard but for those who knew them longer the loss must be most profound. They seemed the most solid of folks and I'm certain we all appreciate what they have undertaken on our behalf."

"I could not help but overhear your conversation. Being new to these lands I have needed some time to, um, adjust so to say, but I have been attempting to learn all I can and as quickly as possible. When last the Lifewardens were through I had informed them of our current predicament in regards to our loss of leadership as well as my own, shall we say 'condition', and they had said that they would be getting back to me in a few days; that should be any time now. Is there any word on Kinaiah's current status?"
When Corvin asked about about Kinaiah, his heart sunk... she was alive, but not suitable to return at this moment. Just as he was about to speak, the 'interesting' sylvanborn came up and asked about her as well. Doubling down on the hurt he was feeling.

"Corvin, I know this may be hard, considering she just saved you a few weeks back and you've been working close with her since but... she's been compromised. She was taken by The Collector, enslaved and killed and told to return to his circle. She hard her throat slit right in front of us," Dyne said looking to the ground, trying to keep as much emotion as possible out of his voice. As he began to look up at the two though, he caught the colorful clothing of Aldous and it sparked a marvelous idea, "Wait a moment. Aldous, you're a master alchemist are you not? Do you think you would be able to create an enslavement antidote for the next time we come across her? I will gladly pay you for the supplies."
Zestiria nods. "Not a bad a idea, actually. The fewer they of us they can enslave, the better." Taking a few steps to the side, she jots down a few notes in the book Aldous has left. To him, she says, "Big fan of notes. Got **** for memory. Helps keep track of which folks we rescued and whatnot. Plus Kaniah... well, what little we know about where she might be." She spits. "Damn those blasted merrah."
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