A Celebratory Sendoff

From the Desk of King Jonas Dawnkeeper IV

To all those who claim the title of adventurer, be you traveler or citizen of our great kingdom, you are hereby invited to a great festival to be held at the end of this month. We will celebrate all the risks and dangers that you have weathered in the name of Bastion, and your great success despite these risks. While there are still things to settle and objects to acquire, I am assured by High Arcanist Illkari that we are already well beyond where he had hoped we would by this time and that he is confident that our efforts in the fall will be successful. So come, celebrate your achievements in the name of Bastion, test yourself in games of skill and wit against champions of Bastion and your fellow adventurers alike, and win a myriad of prizes including several items taken from the Royal Vault and the High Arcanists hidden archives! Above all, come and let us express our sincere thank you to all those who have come together to assist us in our time of greatest need.

King Jonas Dawnkeeper IV