A clarification on a ruling

For those of you who are unaware, last market there were charges of assault brought against an adventurer. It has come to my attention that my ruling in that situation was not as clear as it should have been and for that, I do apologize. The adventurer claimed to be under an Enslavement effect at the time, however because the Enslavement and command were both delivered in a very unique and non-standard way, and initial investigations into the method of delivery were inconclusive, the only evidence they were enslaved was the circumstantial evidence of their behavior. There was insufficient evidence to declare either guilty or not guilty, so no official ruling was rendered and the adventurer was tasked with performing a minor task for the kingdom solely in the hopes of smoothing over any ill will born of the situation.

There has since been time for further, significantly more thorough investigation of the delivery method and it has now been confirmed that it would in fact deliver an Enslavement effect complete with a pre-set command. With that information, the official verdict is an emphatic Not Guilty.

We have long held the precedent that actions taken while under mind-altering effects, especially those as severe as Enslavement, are not one's own and therefore will not be punished under the law. I am currently in talks with several magistrates to officially clarify this within the laws and there should be an official statement to that effect from The Crown soon.

-Squire Rusty