A course correction

As Gen returned to the Lux, she started towards the tavern, hoping to find Adraxis and chew him out for running off in Calanhelm. It was understandable for a bit that he'd be upset, but to run off with such ridiculous purpose, no one should be left behind like that... Abruptly, she changed her path, towards the Earth Weavers guild. Thistle had said over a month ago that people were left behind to have to resurrect on their own, and having the freedom to wander a city on her own for a bit was nothing in comparison to that horror. There were unique rewards to being able to help her friends, surely she could and should learn to be of more use to her new community. She'll introduce herself again offer what help she can, hopefully they can help her learn to better provide that aid.

She knocks, and waits.


Many people are going in and out of the large double wooden doors. Beyond the doors, you can see a large desk halfway down the wide hall with a little old woman sitting behind it directing visitors where to go.
Embarassed her knock is followed by multiple people immediately using the door like normal, Genevra pushes through and approaches the woman behind the desk.

"Uh, hi... I was hoping to inquire about joining the Earth Weavers. Is there someone I could ask questions of about the initiation process, duties, and benefits?" She asked, trying to call up a bit more bravado to cover the lack of confidence she now felt at her faux pas.

(Oog: SUPER sorry, is this forum channel the Earth Weavers in Lux? Or Calanhelm? I am a bit disoriented :p)