A Declaration to All in Derrin's Pass


[Trading Post Wall]

July 11, 1019 PVF

To All in Derrin's Pass,

In June of the year 1018 PVF, a decree was made regarding the status of Beatmen within Derrin's Pass. This status was to be reviewed over the course of one year, and considered for renewal or dismissal based on the happenings of this year.

Throughout the past year, relations within Derrin’s Pass between denizens of the Kingdom and the Outlands have been on the whole peaceable. Therefore, within the boundaries of Derrin's Pass, it remains that the Beastmen of the Outlands are no longer enemies of the state. They are to be afforded the same protections and demands of the Kingdom’s Law as any other visitor.

Outside of Derrin's Pass, Beastmen will remain an enemy of the state. Derrin's Pass remains an exception and an experiment. This past year has not been free of conflict with Beastmen, and violent confrontations outside the area of Derrin's Pass continue to show that the time for widespread treaty has not yet been reached.

This decree will remain in effect for one additional year and then be reviewed. Whether it continues past this second year will be determined through continuous assessment during the year.

In Service to Humanity and the Crown,
Magistrate Bartholomew Sharzar