A Different Strategy?


Hey, everyone! It's me, V!

Let's be real, I never expected to become the Mantle Bearer for Artifice and now that I am I'm a little...stuck. I thought I would spend some time doing one of my most favorite things: making Golems and Constructs! They have so many different uses and can be built in so many fun ways, and you can decorate them however you want and....

Sorry what was I talking about?

Oh yeah, I thought Golems and Constructs would make a good base of a fighting force to protect me and my Mantle. But rumor has it not all the Adventurers think making a Golem army is the best use of my time. So if it's a bad idea...which I admit it might be...what's a better idea? Please help me, I have no idea what I'm doing and I just don't want to be attacked and sent back to my own Plane. I really like my time spent on the Material Plane, there are so many fun things to make, but I usually get taken out and have to go home pretty quickly, honestly it's kinda weird that I'm still here even this long!

Anyway...summary...Golem army bad? Something else good? I dunno, I'm just a maker not a fighter.

Mantle Bearer of Artifice (I can't believe it either!)

PS: Don't worry about the other Fae or anyone else reading this dreaming, I protected it so only myself and you Mistwalkers can access it! Wouldn't want to tell everyone how worried I was....Though they probably already know...which makes an even bigger target on my back...Where did I put that Golem head?

It’s good to hear from you!

I haven’t heard much from the others when it came to Golem creation, and I can’t say I know a lot about it myself. Personally I don’t see why you shouldn’t considering every other faction has their special troopers. Balance had their Primals, a threat Heinricht, Faustian, and I are familiar with on the necrotic side, and a few more are familiar with from that Earth Primal Lion Syldra had us fight. Spring/Lightning had a storm cloud that followed them around and the Voltaic Knight that interrupted our ritual. And recent chatter from farmers indicates Confusion has has some Pranklins up their sleeve.

The real question, what should your creations be able to do? What strengths do you want them to focus on?

Golem could actually be pretty helpful. And if you use the new material that we found you may be able to create Guardians that can absorb magic. Each one of the powers has their own champions so it might be a good idea to build some of your own
As tempting as that is Henricht, there aren’t too many enemies that rely on outright magic. If we just want to keep V safe, it might be more applicable to worry about physical threats, or counter specific magics.

For example, Luna. Luna is a werewolf and we’ve seen the massive power behind her strikes when she was tearing down the Village. She isn’t one to rely too much on magic over her own physical might. Even with the mantle of Balance, she’s more likely to heal herself than attack with Chaos magic. If she uses it at all.

Another example is Kormac, Mantlebearer of Monsters. He’s more of a get in your face opponent, and eat what you kill from a distance. If a fight were to break out with him, I’d suspect purely physical attacks.

Then there’s Conflict. An unknown party, who might be able to use Celestial magic but why would they? Each of the foundations have an elemental court. Courts that we want to remove from the equation anyways.

Courts we could remove and hand over to V.
I would suggest construction of golems designed for exploration and development. Regardless the outcome of this contest, these tools might be useful in the rebuilding and redistribution of resources when this conflict ends.
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Sylas does have a point.

We only know of one material unique to this area so far, and it’s been at least a thousand years since V has been here. They may just find other items that can come in handy in the future.

On the other hand, having unthinking collectors going out into the world might be dangerous and require a much more complex ability to think in order to accomplish it. I haven’t seen many Golems, but I know they’re normally body guards or used to keep certain locations safe because they don’t really do complex commands like “Go find a new material with ABC specifications.” Creating something that can do that would also lead to V’s guard getting weaker. Somebody might attack her in the meantime.

Although, they could be stationed at a location we know the material to be at already. Set to mine it up, and help people like Heinricht get more of the material to do things with. It is more useful for adventurers considering they travel to places where magic is going to be more likely to kill them.

But the fact remains that V would lose valuable help if she were ever attacked. I’m sticking with primarily combat for my recommendation, focusing on defending from specific magics like those from the elemental courts.

Speaking of, we really need to get the court of Ice/Winter knocked out as fast as possible since summer is getting closer to ending. This is when they are weakest after all. The best time to decide where their mantle goes.
Hi V!
I believe a good mix of help from Golumns and us could do the trick. I for one would be willing to partner with you on that. I understand now why you would need those Golumns but to only rely on them is probably not going to be enough.