"A Discussion"


In the Magpie Meadery, a letter is posted prominently on the Tavern wall and several copies handed out to anyone present by a Human dressed in black and purple.

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The Laws under The Provision of Silvervale can be found here:
"The Provision of Silvervale"

OOG Transcript:
Citizens of and Travelers to Tel'Vania,

The Tribunal of Silvervale Outpost, in conjunction with Mayor Niko the Owlkin of Silvervale, invites all to a discussion of the issues that these lands currently face on the first night of the gathering taking place in a few days time.

In addition, we are requesting that all Casters capable of Ritual Magic that are tied to the lands of Tel'Vania meet with either a member of The Tribunal or Mayor Niko prior to the start of the meeting.

We also advise that all currently living or visiting the lands of the Silvervale Outpost also review the previously posted Laws under the The Provision of Silvervale. These Laws are currently active, and will be enforced. Failure to comply will result in the listed consequences in the document.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
We look forward to seeing all of you quite soon.

The Tribunal of Silvervale Outpost,
Baron Altohtaro Armand, Treetop Hall
Barony of Céva Eldamar
The Great Elarian Forest of Tel’Vania
Ingólemo Isilatara

Baron Locke Helbrass
The Plateau Of Crowns
Barony of Voss
3rd District Ramsgate

Baron Von Heinricht Hammer-Forged
Barony of the Summer Isle
Master of Coin
Lord of the Orchard
Quartermaster to the Rose Wardens.
Major investor in Trinkets and Treats, Friend to All