A Dream of Rebuke and Warning

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  1. Samyania

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    The voice is clear and calm, the message unequivocal, the dream far-flung and very public:

    "Baron Herod–

    In the sense that a person is judged by the quality of their enemies, I cannot fault your character by the actions you have taken, as they have afforded you a caliber of enemy you would be otherwise hard-pressed to encounter in your land. Your judgment, on the other hand, is at risk of further scrutiny.

    Though Squire Hildr’ is herself young in years and experience, she is sworn to a noble house that is lacking in neither. The knight to whom we are sworn, General Baron Sir Marcus Husarri Saephis, Baron of Kettle Valley, Lord Knight of the Order of Morgan and Lord of House Phoenix, is well traveled throughout the wider world your shard has only just begun to open its eyes to, and has seen the rise and fall of many lands older and more storied than your own. If you had any allies among the adventurers at the Outpost, some who had seen Voridium could speak of Sir Eli Saephis, Knight of the Anazatae and Lord of Andar, and of the Mortal wounds they have witnessed him open, by mundane strength of arm alone, in those who stand in suppression of free will. If you yourself had stepped beyond the bounds of your barony, you may have heard of Dame Ashlyn Husarri Saephis, Knight of Death, who bent Nightmare to her will and now walks through it with the ease of a garden stroll.

    Your abuses of power and of the people over whom you have power may have been tolerated within the shores of your own shard, but as your world is widened, the ripples of your actions grow across the surface of Fortannis, and draw the eye and wrath of powers whose depths your own shallow shoals have yet to weather.

    I recommend that you release Squire Hildr’ of House Phoenix unharmed, or begin to consider how you would like your legacy to be remembered.

    In Ministerium,

    Lady Vellis Valeriana Tsalarioth of House Phoenix
    Squire to Baron Sir Marcus Husarri Saephis"
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  2. p.richard

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    Lady Vellis,

    As this so called squire did assault me under the peaceful negotiations of parlay, her life is forfeit. If she happens to come through the earth circle then she will be a known enemy of the Empire of Helios and a coward for assaulting a noble during peacetime. That she is a squire astounds me. Whoever her liege is, should be ashamed of themselves for allowing such common blood the chance the rise the ranks of the high borns.

    Nay, she will stay in my dungeons until she rots. And even then, I am sure my dogs will turn their noses up to the meal she will provide.

    Your idle threats mean nothing to me, you bleached skinned harpy. When a person violates the oath of hospitality, then they forfeit their right to exist in our continent. I am well within my rights to hold Hildr as long as I please.

    Baron Gaius Herod
  3. Samyania

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    You will have some time yet to prepare your estate. I suggest you use it.

    Lady Vellis Valeriana Tsalarioth of House Phoenix, Psychopompos
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  4. Saephis

    Saephis Squire

    Lord Baron Herod,

    I have recently become aware of actions within your lands both surrounding and directly involving of your person. Without delving into the specifics needlessly far for my own involvement, I understand that there have been possessions abandoned into your care by a former captive.

    While you and I do not share any accord between one another, meaningful or otherwise, I would ask that as one of your standing the possessions ultimately belonging to my own brother be held safe until I arrive to relieve you of their care. I would ask, as well, that no additional hands carry or manipulate them more than already has -- I would prefer to relieve you of their care personally, with no current intent of harm from my person nor any I would see accompany me in this matter of resolution.

    I will begin preparations to see the mist part in this matter and will await word of your reply so that the possessions carelessly left behind by another to your care may be retrieved through one method or another.

    By my word and honor,

    Eli'Razael Daeva'Sahkar Saephis
    Lord Knight to the Anazatae Empress
    Viceroy of the Republic of Unending Night
    House Phoenix, Stradyn
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