A familior faces emerges from the portal

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A flash of light filled the portal room and Jinn emerges into the familiar setting. He had been traveling for almost two weeks, and thought it exhaustion when he looked around and didn't see what he expected. A moment passed and realization washed over his face. He walks over to the attendant, breathless and mildly confused.

"Excuse me, I'm trying to get into The Lux but I arrived here. Is there a problem with the portals?
Ruki, just recently back from his trip to Deepingdale was heading towards his room and passing by the portal room when he heard a familiar voice.

"Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes!" Ruki smiled, approaching his friend. "From what I've heard... our people got kicked out of the Lux, and it's kind of an invite only thing now. Got business there? Or were you looking for our sorry mugs?"
A look of suprise washed over Jinn's face momentarily, passing just as quickly.

"Kicked out? I mean I'm not totally surprised given some of the folks who adventure with us. Well that changes where I'm heading I guess. I'm looking for Calan specifically, but luckily that means I get to see everyone else as well. Where is everyone staying now? I guess I'm going to have to find a new place to stay again... And you! You've finished your work at the fort then??"

The realization at who he was talking to suddenly hits Jinn and his words start coming out at a faster pace.

"I hope you got the message I sent you a few months back. I was hoping that would bring you back sooner rather than later my friend. I hope everything has been well"
"Work at the fort and the forest can wait, there's more important things to deal with at the moment" Ruki sighed. "When I got your message, I tied up what loose ends I could and made my way back as soon as possible. As I arrived in the city, it seems like most of our friends were also arriving. I was disappointed to not see you among them."

Ruki scrunched his face a little bit, "Calan though... sounds familiar. I think he's been hanging out at the Ogre's Head. He owe you money or something?"
"No... I owe him debt and he is calling it in. He had passed through the fort some time ago and I met him again in The Lux. He wears a mask and doesn't speak much."

Jinn chuckles "You haven't known me that long, but I have to assume you know that money has never meant that much to me. I wouldn't be traveling from the north to collect some coins. I am sorry that I wasn't here to greet you upon your return, but I wouldn't have been much fun or good company. I returned to see my daughter and her family after some years away. A darkness had fallen on me and I needed to see it gone. My return was hastened a bit, I will admit, but I knew I wouldn't be able to stay away for long."

Jinn looks around "I feel the need for a strong drink. Where is this Ogres head you mentioned, may as well get two birds while I'm at it"
"You have a daughter?" Ruki was surprised, he didn't know this important fact about his friend. "I'm glad you got to spend some time with them. Steel your spirit, give you something to fight for in the war to come?" Ruki thought to his own family... his wife off with the elvish captain and his son he never met likely around the age of 3. He wish he could be the loving husband and father, but life has taken him down another path... and as horrible as it is to say/think, a more important one.

"No one with masks in the tavern lately," Ruki brought himself to. "But I've been gone for a month, and we both know how quickly things can change. But let me show you where it is, I could go for a drink myself. You know, the Ogre's Head is actually where I joined up with this lot," he laughed as he headed out the door.
"I say daughter but really she is much older than you are... I was a different man half a century ago." Jinn laughs wholeheartedly. "Now my grand daughter is more your age, but she's already found someone I'm sorry to tell you. But luckily for me she has just brought some new life into this world not to long ago, twins even! It is for them and for many others that I fight to make this world a better place"

Jinn smiles as he follows Ruki out the door. "But I must say... I really do look great for my age..."
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