A Feast of Celebration


(A handwritten notice is found posted around town)


Thanks to the hard work of our local and visiting adventurers, the Blight that has so long threatened and destroyed our land has been defeated! A celebration will be held the evening of the second day of our next gathering, and will mark the triumph we've fought so hard to achieve. A feast will be provided as many who are returning find themselves in short supply, but adventurers are invited to bring dishes of their own to share with the town and make the feast an even bigger event. Those who find themselves musically inclined are also invited to perform, as entertainment will be a big part of this celebration! All forms of music and dance will be welcomed and encouraged, and all may join in food and fun. If you wish to assist or contribute please find me at the Reinhold Caravan or the Fourteenth Wife at your earliest convenience.

There is much to prepare, and all are welcome to lend a hand!
Lilliana Reinhold

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