A few questions

Hey guys,

I know the event is still a month-ish away but I was wondering.

How do sleeping arrangements work?
What's the cost looking like?
Where can I pre-reg? :)



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Double ditto.


Super excited to hear about so many people willing to make the trek and brave the cold for our first event!

Bunk space is first come, first served. There is heated bunk space for about 130 (including both PCs and NPCs)! You can also bring an electric space heater if you want to claim one of the 15 cabins that sleep 8-10 each but have no insulation. The site also has 5 private cabins with two single-bed rooms each, bathroom, and common space. These will be $40 to reserve.

Cost for pre-reg will be $65. On-site price will be $75 (cash only). The event will also be catered by the site's own full-time professional kitchen staff!! Participation in these meals will be an additional cost, probably $30 for PCs and $10 for NPCs...we're trying to get final numbers from the site since they have been playing with their costs this season. We will, of course, be requiring a membership fee to cover insurance. I know that's a lot for a first event, especially when driving in from out of the state.

Our basic, bare-bones pre-reg form is up NOW! Here ya go! http://www.alliancecville.com/Pre-Reg/pre-reg.html

Happy to answer any further questions and we will be posting a more complete pre-reg post in the next couple of days.

When will the cut off for pre-reg be? I intend to attend but I'm still working on my character and arranging vacation time.
We basically have two cut off dates: December 1 would be cut off participation in the catered food for the weekend, because they want to know way in advance how many people they'll be serving. December 7th is the pre-reg cut off, but you can still reg-reg (regular-register) after that date. ;)
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The sleeping quarters should be heated, and well heated. The bathhouses are as well and so is the Tavern. The rental cabins on the other hand are essentially trailers which are just so swank that I will be having that hotel feeling....but they are offset for other buildings. The trails are generally free of rocks and you will not see too many hills. Your warm layers will be needed for the outdoors. There is a Cat and a Dog that belong to the staff that is around just in case anyone is horribly allergic. Can't think of anything else. See you all soon.

Joe Siegel