A Harmonious End


Greetings guests of Hospitality, I am reaching out to you with grave news of the contest. Conflict is on the move and striking quickly, my own power has not grown fast enough to confront the bringing of war and aggression. I wish for what power my mantle holds to pass on to someone who will use it to ensure at the least that Conflict's rampage is cut short. To ensure this, I will be sending in representatives with various contests and games on your next market day. Those who participate and win will gain favor for the Mantle that is closest to their heart. At the end of the Market I will pass my Mantle Harmoniously to whichever mantle has gained the most favor. It is my wish that someday the world will come together in Harmony and follow its path to a utopia where conflict and disagreement no longer exist. But it shall not happen in this Contest, so it is my desire to gracefully step aside and pass my power on to one who can hold the line against eternal conflict and ensure this world follows a different path.

-Alanna, Mantle Bearer of Harmony
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