A Humble Request to the Fate Sprinner for a new Beginning

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Rain falls all around Scarlett as he walks down the streets of the capitol. His nerves still slightly shot from his meeting with the Archmage. 'He's right... It was a foolish notion to think that I could do anything to keep people from dying. Potions only last so long and I haven't the knowledge or skill to heal anyone on my own. At least for now...' he thinks to himself as he mindlessly glides around the people walking by him. The sound of thunder snaps him back into focus and he sees his quarry, the Earth Weavers' enclave.

He approaches the front doors, hefts both open and enters. His heart begins to pound and his surroundings lose focus. He can see nothing but the Reception desk as he strides towards it. Once at the desk he lowers his hood "Hello, I have come to seek an audience with the Fate Spinner." he says nervously to the attendant behind the desk.
The old woman asks your name as she flips through an impossibly large book on her desk. "I do not see your name in the register anywhere. Are you a member of the Earth Weaver's guild? What Enclave do you come from? What business do you have with the Fatespinner?"
"No, you wouldn't find me in the register as I am not apart of the guild. My name is Oleksander Konopelka, Journeyman in the Hammer Outfitters, I hail from the outpost in Parson's Breech." Scarlett takes a second to collect himself.

"I wish to become schooled in Healing magic. Archmage Az'Caine mentioned to me that the guidance and wisdom of the Earth Weavers would help me in this goal, and that I should seek an audience with the Fate Spinner to make her known of my intentions." Scarlett takes a deep breath, as his heart pounds in his ears.
Scarlett runs a hand through his hair and down is neck and says "I have been trained in both yes, but I have not put either into practice as of yet. Regrettably I have spent far too much time training fighting skills."
"That's not surprising dear." the old woman replies, smiling. "Most youths like yourself prefer to dive headfirst into battle. Eventually they discover, as you seem to, that someone has to clean it all up afterward. If I had a crow for every time I've seen this, I'd be as rich as the Grand Duchess." She goes back to flipping through the book, "If it's just a trainer you need, someone from you local enclave can surely train you." Then looking up at you over her glasses, "or is there something else you would like to request of Lady Zanthia?"
Scarlett blushes and lowers his head. "Well... My companions in the Breach had mentioned that the Fate Spinner had the ability to remove knowledge from a person and replace it with knowledge of healing." he says as he looks back up at her. "I was hoping she could help me make up for the time I've wasted, so I could become more adept in the healing arts." He looks down again, a look of shame growing across his face. "I know it's selfish to ask such a thing. But there are so many in the breach who wish to fight for the cause. And I can't watch anymore of them fall and without the ability to help them."
The old woman appears amused with this one. "Nothing to be ashamed of dear. The Fatespinner is currently with another from the Breach. I will have a messenger request to see you next." She motions to a young boy milling about, gives him instructions, and he runs up the wide staircase at the back of the hall.
Scarlett gives her a hopeful smile. "I can not thank you enough." He says, bowing his head. "Would it be alright if I sit while I wait?" He says, gesturing to the benches.
Another youth comes the stairs and walks up to the desk. He says something the old woman, who then calls to you. "The Fatespinner will see you now. Alex will show you to her study."
Scarlett stands and takes a deep breath as he folds his hands over his stomach. He walks over to the desk "Thank you" he says to the woman, bowing his head to her. He then proceeds to follow Alex.
Alex leads you up the stairs to the third floor, and down a curving hall. Through the windows, you can see the courtyard one floor below. At this time of year, it is full of flowers. In the center you can see an Earth Weaver attending the city's permanent Earth circle. Several others are out enjoying the sunny day.

A few doors down, Alex stops and knocks on the frame of the open door. "Enter" is heard from within. He steps back to let you enter the room.
Scarlett looks all around him, taking in the beauty of it all as he follows Alex down the hall, the contrast to the gruff environment of his forge was a welcome change. He daydreams for a moment of how it would be if he were to live in a place like this. Once they reach the door, the voice brings him back to reality. He bows to Alex in silence and enters the room, his hands begin to tremble and his heart pounds in his ears again. His vision bends and the room seems to grow a hundred times in size. "Thank you, your Grace." He says, dipping his head a chest in a low bow.
Zanthia looks up from her writing. "Scarlet! Good to see you well." She stands up. "Alex, please have some tea sent up." The youth nods and heads back down the hall. Just inside the door you can see the familiar glow of a permanent Earth Circle. Zanthia recognizes you in and motions towards a pair of comfortable- looking chairs before an empty hearth. "Please have a seat." She settles in one of the chairs. A small table stands between the chairs. "I understand that you are looking for some re-training?"
"Thank you, mi'Lady." Scarlett says, raising himself back to his proper posture. "It is good to see you as well" He says as he walks towards the chairs. As he sits in the chair opposite Zanthia his nerves seem to calm as he relaxes into the chair. "Indeed mi'lady, in light of the recent events that occurred during my time in the capitol and at the Breach as of late. I have come to the realization that I can no longer stand idly by and watch as others fight for the realm while I hide in my forge. I cannot see more of my friends and comrades fall, without the ability to help them." He pauses a moment to brush the hair from his eyes then calmly says. "It's maddening, to feel so helpless."

Scarlett Closes his eyes to gain his composure. "Which is why I have come to you. I was hoping to get your help to learn the healing arts. To become adept enough to give aid to those in the breach and fend off the darkness."
A plump older woman wearing an apron arrives at the door carrying a tray with a teapot, cups, and biscuits. Zanthia recognizes her into the circle and she sets the tray on the table. The Fatespinner thanks the woman and recognizes her out again as she beings to pour the tea. "While additional healers are always needed, we first need to be sure this is the correct path for you. Are you familiar with the Earth Weavers' responsibilities and restrictions? Ours is a guild that serves, leads when called upon, but never seeks power."
Scarlett folds his hands in his lap. "I am aware of a few. But I will admit that I am not schooled in the charter of the Earth Weavers." he pauses for a moment until Zanthia takes her own tea. "I do however know myself, and I know in my heart that I do not wish power." He says as he reaches for his own tea.
"Perhaps you should consider speaking with the Earth Weaver leaders at the Breach. Keeper Isawda leads the enclave and follows the scholarly path. Azier is a capable battle leader following the Paladin's path. Either would be worth speaking to, to determine your own interests. I would wish to speak with them myself about your interest in the guild, as I do not know you well myself. This kind of request will have to be earned; a Spirit Forge ritual is no small ask. For now, learn about the guild, aid them in their endeavours, and we shall see."
Scarlett takes a sip of his tea and gives Zanthia a somber smile. "Thank you mi'lady, I shall seek them both out once I return to the Breach and speak with both of them to see where they would feel my strengths would be best suited. Hopefully with their guidance, and my own tenacity I will become worthy of such a ritual." He pauses for a moment to take a sip of his tea "For now, if anything arises that I can assist the Earth Weavers with, please don't hesitate to ask."
"You will need to make yourself available to the Earth Weavers of the Breach. I do not have the time to personally invite you to everything. I trust the judgement of Isawda where his members are concerned. It is him on whom you need to make an impression. That said, don't try to hard. Put forth your best effort, but be honest about it. They will know if you are not." She sets down her empty cup an stretches. "It is getting late. If you will please excuse me, I have an early meeting. She stands. "I will be in touch; likely at the next gathering. Stay safe." Zanthia recognizes you out of her circle before heading toward a door at the side of the room.
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