A Last Minute Request

While you are relaxing in the tavern in Bastion By The Water, a man walks in, anxiously rubbing his hands together. After a bit of fretting about, he works his way to the front of the room, getting your attention with a polite clearing of his throat.

Hello Adventurers,

It is a pleasure to meet you all, and we are happy to see you visiting Kalinthas yet again. Word has traveled quickly of your arrival. My name is Gregory Nelson, the council member of Calyx, and I have come to hire your services. There’s an Armanthian ruin not too far from Langdale, the capital of our island, and we’d like to see it cleared out for the safety of all of our farmers, as well as ensure the food production for most of Kalinthas stays secure & stable.

I’ve already met with the council, and they’ve agreed to grant you all a temporary Delver’s Writ for the next 5 days to unseal and clear it out. I’ve also personally paid for charter ships to take you from Popolos to Calyx.

My apologies for the short notice, but I will ensure you are paid well for your efforts, and anything that you uncover within the mines that does not appear to be some sort of strange or magical artifact is yours to keep.

Thank you all for your time. You have my most humble gratitude.