A Little Help Please?


I have a matter that requires attention in the northern mountains. As I am unable to leave my forest for such a journey at this time, perhaps some young and ambitious adventurers might be able to aid me?

While I am not partial to those silly metal discs you call coins, I'm sure a mutually beneficial arrangement can be made.

- Amilatensia Fortana
While I feel this may put my journey home on hold I have a partt of adventurers of about 5-7 that may be eager do get some things done. We would love to assist you
I am happy to assist as well, though I am not young by any standard.

Many blessings,
Mmm, BtB. I have heard of you. You are... rather overly seasoned, for my taste. I doubt I will have any "business" for you.

Goodman Mirgar, I will seek you out after the 3rd sunset from this time.

Amilatensia Fortana
My brother and I are always looking for an adventure, though we are no younger than 150 years, possibly older, is that still young enough?
I could probably help someone that's helping you if they could use an extra hand I guess....

The Vanguard are always looking for work. What's the pay?
I would need to have more...specific information before I will commit to anything...
But as my brother would certainly agree...I do love a good adventure. ;D
Shar, you're answering a cry for help that's over a year old... just saying.
...Hey, don't blame me. I've been a little...out of the loop lately.