A message for the Colonel

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Hurrying from the Grand Duchess's estate, Thomas makes his way quickly to the Home Guard barracks, note in hand. Walking into the main office, he delivers his message to the Colonel and gets a quick reply. Not waiting, he leaves the office to make his way back to the estate to deliver the Colonels reply to the Grand Duchess.
"Thomas!" Xamot bellows as he sees the boy leaving the barracks. He quickens his steps toward Thomas hoping he heard him.
Hearing the shout, Thomas skids to a halt and looks around. Spotting Xamot he smiles and walks towards him. Once closer he says "H...H...Hello Sir!" and gives a little bow.
Xamot kneels to the boys level and lifts his chin up before speaking. "You have no need to bow young one. What has you in such a hurry, if I may ask?"
The boy raises his head and smiles again. "I have t..t...to get back to Her Grace and let her know that the C..C...Colonel is coming as she asked."
"I will join you in your quest my young friend." Xamot rises and reaches in his shirt revealing a wrapped clothe. Carefully unraveling it as he walks beside Thomas. Xamot hands Thomas an apple. Just as the boy reaches up to take it, Xamot retracts his arm quickly, his eyes swift widely looking around. "Do not speak of the to Johan." Xamot's fearful expression turns playful as he hands it off. He takes the boys free hand and they venture on playfully nudging and kicking at each other.
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