A Message from Lord Cygnus

Aden Corso

A messenger in the garb of the West Solus Mercantile Company enters the tavern in the Foreign Quarter of the City of Galandir. He walks to the message board and unfurls a proclamation and tacks it to the board.

To my adventurers,

I extend my gratitude to you all for what you have done in the service of Galandir and the West Solus Mercantile Company. You have risen above any number of challenges and snatched victory from uncertainty time and again, and tales of your exploits - of your heroism - are told across the entirety of Solus. You have proven your extreme worth and value at every turn, and so I congratulate you. You have my thanks.

What is more, I offer to each and every one of you a boon. I will hear out and answer, to the best of my ability, any request that you might have of me. Do not hesitate to make your wishes known - the West Solus Mercantile Company has been instructed by the Prince to afford every courtesy to the Heroes of the Esperbrand, as some now call you.

I must also make a request of my own: I have been summoned by the Faceted, a mysterious and ancient being that dwells beneath the surface of Solus. The heart of their domain lies at the intersection of the ley lines of Order and Earth, and the jeweled splendour of their realm is legend. The West Solus Mercantile Company has been given the honour of brokering peace once more with the Faceted and the nations of Solus, and I would see my bold adventurers accompany me in this historic and no doubt extraordinarily profitable venture.

Meanwhile, know that you have all been granted free access to the entirety of the Principality of Galandir. Should any of you desire to travel outside of the province, I shall endeavour to see the requisite permission obtained on your behalf.

Be proud in knowing that you have acquitted yourselves nobly in service to Solus, and once more I grant unto you my thanks.

May the stars shine upon you,
Lord Cygnus of Galandir