A message from Niko "October gather info"


Roanoke Staff
Hello everyone, Niko the Owlkin here! I wanted to speak a bit about the coming gather and the dangers that have come to the lands of Tel’Vania. In the fall, The winds tend to change and a Miasma creeps its way through the lands affecting things in different and mysterious ways. Silvervale is not safe and there are horrors roaming the lands. As we know the select obelisks that are charged with the powers of the blight have been affecting magic and how it works. This is also true for the Miasma.
A creature created by The Miasma has been tearing down wards and breaking wizard locks! It is said that posting a carved pumpkin lit from within has the ability to frighten this terrible creature away! However, many other creatures can move these carved pumpkins so make sure that they are checked before you go to sleep or leave your dwelling unguarded!

Pumpkins must be carved, and lit from within to keep this creature away! Painting a decorative pumpkin but not lighting it will not keep the creature away. Other forms of protection such as circles of power, are seemingly not affected. Still, be vigilant and make sure to sleep with your weapon near you during this time.

In the fall, when the winds change a Miasma, blown in directly from the Crack, creeps its way through the lands and when it does it is very unpredictable. Sometimes it makes crops become sentient, legends have it a wheel cart came to life once and took an entire molekin family off never to be seen again.

((OOG: As we are all well aware, our LARP site has a lot of wildlife and we are not wanting to invite them to the game by using *real* pumpkins. A plastic or foam substitute is what we’re looking for with a carved(not painted) face. *NO ACTUAL FLAME*, please. A battery operated/solar light will be perfect, or even a very reliable glowstick.))