A Message from Squire Hildr' -SAFE-


Those of you connected to the Dreaming will hear this message...

My friends and allies. It is with a heavy heart that I make sure that this news is shared for all to see...

November 13th, 418: The Death of Aurora Dawn
The Imperial Forces celebrated tonight at the capture and execution of the traitor, Aurora Dawn. Dawn was the leader of the traitorous faction "The Ashen Maidens", a group of mercenary knights that have allied themselves with the forces of Malidor's outpost. The traitor knight was caught outside the impenetrable walls of the Black Keep, where her and a handful of rebels were found spying on soldier movements and supply routes. Thanks to the investigation skills of the Crimson Inquisitors, the terrorists were dealt with harshly and brought to justice. Herod has this to say...

"Let it be known throughout the land, that rebellion and terrorism will never be tolerated in the boundaries of the Empire. Know that even the slightest transgression will result in harsh punishment. Let the deaths of these agitators be a reminder to those that would destroy the sanctity of human life in our beloved kingdom."

Aurora Dawn was executed in the city square along side 4 of the surviving Ashen Maidens captured by the Inquisitors. The attending crowd roared in applause as the bodies of the Ashen Maiden swung from rope behind Herod after his speech was given.

Let it be known that the Ashen Maidens served and did this under MY command, as they have sworn themselves to me. Though I did not know Lady Commander Dame Aurora Dawn well, I spent many nights and days training with her and her loyal and honorable Maidens. She was a strong, proud, honorable, and loyal woman. She will never be forgotten to me. As a sign of respect to her and the the rest of the Maidens who lost their lives, I shall be wearing black for the next month or so. Thank you Aurora Dawn for your Sacrifice and for the sacrifice of those who fell while under my command. And know, that your sacrifice was not in vain. I will strive each and every day to be half the woman you were.

Glenn currently commands the Ashen Maidens, and while I know she is cross with me and in much pain, I know she will make an excellent commander.

This is yet another example of the heinous crimes of Gaius Harod. These women were scouting under my orders, as with the help of many I intend to help free the slaves from Gaius Harod.... as he treats them like nothing but mere cattle. Many of them, wood elf and Sulanari alike, are taken against their will and forced to do horrendous things. And We will free you. We. Are. Coming. We have already had a successfully rescues of the Baroness Gweniever.

As you all also may know, I was captured by Gaius Harod in an attempt to free the Baroness from him. He came into the oupost under the FALSE pretense of parlay. He attacked and killed the leader of the emerald falcons as well as Baroness Von Hiesell while inside a circle of power that he created USING THE CHAINS AND SHACKLES OF HIS SUALANRI SLAVES. Yes. I was captured. I was tortured and I bit off and choked on my own blood, so that my spirit could return to the outpost. I did my best to lead the rescue of the Baroness Thane, and as I said it was successful.

I also state this. I issued a formal Challenge to Gaius Harod to fight me one on one to the black stone. I have yet to get a response.

I ask you all in these cold winters nights to stay true. Stay vigilant. Do no loose hope. We are coming. We will save all that we can. And I ask that those of you near us, help in whatever way you can.

In Service and In Honor,
Squire Hildr' of House Phoenix under Baron Sir Marcus of House Phoenix
Totem of Hawk