A Message Posted All Over Bastion

Citizens of Bastion, Adventurers from through the mists, the hour of our great hope draws near. When The Nimbus started to fade this past winter many of us believed that our time had come, that the fate our ancestors had evaded so long ago had finally caught up with us. But in our darkest hour, strangers came through the mists and offered us their aid, and many of our own citizens chose to eschew their lives of peace and safety for danger and uncertainty in order to help save their homes. I am truly humbled by the aid from our new friends, and by the bravery and fortitude of our citizens during these unprecedented times.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our adventuring allies, and our devoted Arcanists, we stand ready to embark on a working of magic at the same level of that which first created The Nimbus. On the final day of this month we will be casting a great ritual to open a portal between Bastion and whatever lands now lie beyond the Nimbus. This portal will allow an expeditionary force to travel through and establish a position in these new lands from which we can search for new sources of the magics we need to reinforce The Nimbus to ensure the continued well-being of both Bastion, and of whatever lands now exist through The Nimbus.

All adventurers are welcome to travel forth with the First Bastion Expeditionary Unit when the ritual is cast. Any citizens wishing to volunteer for the force should submit their names to Baron Logan Heartwood as soon as possible, as the outpouring of volunteers has been both gratifying and humbling. I say then to my dedicated citizens, take these last days to set your affairs in order and steel yourselves for the coming journey. To those adventurers who have offered their knowledge and their blades to our cause, I say thank you on behalf of every citizen of Bastion. To all who prepare to travel into the unknown, know that whatever the future may hold, you are all heroes of Bastion.

- King Jonas Dawnkeeper IV
Your Majesty,

On behalf of the adventures House Aviary and the greater group of adventures as a whole, I have a simple inquiry of you. Since we shall be departing from Bastion through this portal of the Arcanist's design, will we be able to travel back through? Many of us have started to roost in this city and would be remiss to leave behind our possessions and the families that we have been birthed to.

Thank you for your time,
Kettle Croquet Flank Kolrabi of the Guilderncage III of his clutch, commonly referred to as "the Apothecary"
As we are getting closer to the time, I want to make sure your question is answered friend Kettle. I believe the plan is for the Arcanist to cast this ritual which will send those who wish to go through the portal to create an anchor on the other side. This part is like hitting a really tiny pin hole to get it just right!

Heck, if he misses we won't be able to go!

However, he won't miss. He's a pretty confident guy! So, those who go will be able to create an anchor on the other side which will be much larger of a target to create a two way gate or something. So, to answer your question.


I guess that's the risky part about all of this, it's never been done and no one is forcing anyone to go but we certainly need help to make sure this mist sphere doesn't crash with the other mist sphere because well than both of these places will be no more. I think I was listening well enough... I hope I got it right and I hope my friends and I can help you keep your home safe.

Plus, on the really cool side. Adding the title "Member of the First Bastion Expeditionary Unit" sounds pretty cool.
Goodman Yip,

I have come to the understanding that the naming conventions of New Zenith are quite confusing for the lowborns and therefore will kindly correct you on a small indiscretion: my given name is Kolrabi, Kettle is my family's name. Therefore, you may call me Kolrabi or Mister Kettle. I would even accept the Apothecary, should my moniker be easier for you use. Do understand that this is in no way an attack on your intelligence or demeanor, I merely wish to impart some of the nuances of our culture to you, so that we might work together better in the future. Thank you for addressing my concerns with what knowledge you have been able to glean from your times working with the High Arcanist. We may need to consider collecting the components for this ritual anew. I do not wish to have my homelands taken from me permanently, but am willing to spend an extended period of time in these new lands to ensure the success of this endeavor.

Kettle Croquet Flank Kolrabi of the Guilderncage III of his clutch
Let's go everyone! I've got my single bag of stuff packed, but I think I'm 2 weeks early. Oh well, I'll just set up camp and wait around until then, or until the rest of the group of Orcs I've been hanging with show up. We have like, 1000 coming and by 1000 I mean like 10 but maybe less, or more?

I'm really not helpful but I'm ready and that's what counts!

Speaking of helpful, is it just the Arcanist guy casting the Ritual, or is there going to be a large group of us using all the magics we have to make it really cool and stable, in that order?

- Maiev