A Message to Our Heroes


Chicago Staff
On behalf of Lady Bancroft of Fluga, Cinem, I, Scribe Herbert Asail, relay this message to settlements around Gavaria:

Each year, we join together to celebrate all those that have given up their lives for Gavaria and those that continue to put their lives on the line to ensure a better tomorrow.

Heroes Week is a nearly 300 year old holiday within our lands, stemming all the way back to the great Dame Tiff Donaldson and her valiant efforts ending the five-year war against the Strigoi. Her dedication and resolve that fateful day saved future generations to come.

But Dame Donaldson was not the only hero in our nation’s history. Heroes Week is held to honor the sacrifice of each and every one that has given their life for Gavaria and its well being. Thank you heroes, new and old; my family, and so many other families, owe you our lives.

As we celebrate the 295th Heroes Week later this month, I want to put out a special thanks to the Adventurers of Atupal. From stopping an assassination attempt on our beloved Queen Pavia Gavar, to ending the Troll conflict of Cinem, to pushing forward towards purifying Passwall, and so much more, this brave community has continued to help the people of Gavaria time and time again. From all I hear from fellow nobility - and commoners alike - I am constantly impressed by the actions accomplished by the adventurers.

You are all the embodiment of the term hero, and I look forward to a wonderful Heroes Week this month.