A missive on the tavern board


Traverse City Staff
Message posted on the tavern board...
"Adventurers, the pestilence in and around Nu'Adah City is getting worse. The elderly and very young are dying of illness that could normally be healed, crops are withering in the fields and our livestock is turning to skin and bones in the pastures. Food stores are rotting at an alarming rate. The malaise affecting the citizens has deepened as well. I could barely force myself to write this missive. I only hope that my guard gets it delivered. Some families have left the City to join the tribes of Wild Elves out in the farther reaches of the Kingdom of Nu'Adah in the hopes that the pestilence has not spread far. I beseech you, please help us as I fear we do not have the strength to save ourselves.
Duchess Leiliandriani"