A note from our cook


Hey Cymryc,

Please convey the following to your NPC crew:

Thank you again for letting me cook for you guys. First off, I want to apologize for any problems you had with the dinner meals due to my ill-timed decisions at first logistics and then going on the Unicorn mod. I apologize greatly for that and will seek to make better meta timing decisions in the future, not that Little is going to want to go out of the taverns ever again after that anyway. Second, I don't think I ever conveyed this to you guys since this was the second weekend of cooking for you but this is a service for you, the NPCs.

As an NPC Cook, I want to make sure that you guys eat enough, eat right and eat well. Several of you, I know how programming goes, don't come in to eat at a time that you designated for me to have food ready, so I want
to find out a solution that works best for you. Until your staffing problems are solved, would you prefer to have meals in the tavern / kitchen or would you like to have food brought out to monster camp so you guys can make sure you eat between mods and lair cards?

In addition to that, I would like a full list of player allergies and food preferences for guildies and non-guild NPCs. That way select dishes that you all can enjoy as much as anything else. Also, what kinds of drinks do you want me to pick up for you guys? This food is for you,
you're buying into it. I'm just preparing it, so what kinds of drinks do you want? The sky is the limit. I'm not going to buy everyone individual drinks, but if there is an overwhelming desire to have caffeinated or energy drinks on the menu, I'll be more inclined to make sure it's filled. And for heaven's sake, again, this is a service for you. If I did something that made you not want to eat on the meal plan, please let me know how I can rectify it so that you don't have to worry that kind of thing again. It's your party and I want you to have a good time with the food; it'd be pretty simple to go with boxes of cereal, lunchables and box dinner stuffs, but that's not the service I want to provide. I want you to have selection, enjoyability and professional preparedness from your kitchen and that means I'm not offended by complaints about the food. Please, please, please, let me know if there's anything I can do to change meals to fit your liking, no matter how small. This is your game too. And volunteers in any and every organization deserve good compensation for their time and food is one of those things. Please voice your concerns either to me directly or anonymously through your general manager, head of plot or owner.

This is for you guys; I can't stress that enough. I do this because I want the chapter to run well and NPCs can't run well if they're not well fed. Thank you for letting me cook for you and take care of your needs. I look forward to hearing all this before the next game in April so that I can provide a better service for you.

Gabriel de los Angeles
NPC Cook
Alliance Oregon and Seattle
As the current MC guy, I try to hound people about eating. So if there is someone not eating, it is not through lack of trying to get them over there. I will also be looking at making a little placard that says something along the lines of 'Food Is Ready', 'Food is Cooking', or some such.

I can say having something available for reheats will be nice. So I will look at grabbing a few things that I have been meaning to for a while along the lines of containers to put extras into.

Avoid beans...

Thanks for all the work you put in Gabe.