A Note on the Vansir

So, for those who were at the last event and for those who have only recently heard about it. The Vansir have been turbomurdered into near extinction.

From here on out, the Vansir packet is heavily restricted by plot, if not totally closed.

In the future, if someone wished to play one they would have to have a letter of recommendation from a current Vansir and a vote from the Plot Team. Even then, chances are slim.

I would, however, like to point you to the Vakkar. Toddo has written an early draft of their packet, but we are more than happy to speak with interested players personally on them. If you like sea raider barbarians, you'll like Vakkar.

As always, I'm happy to answer questions,
Am I correct in assmuming that any future Vansir plot would more properly come under the heading of 'character plot' rather than 'racial plot'?
This has been dark elven life since about 1999. I think I'm the only dark elf from Draelonde that still plays. :(