A notice on Bennington's stationary, pinned on the tavern bulletin


New Hampshire Staff
((A notice is pinned on the tavern bulletin in formal stationary))

Just write everything I say, yes. Everything!

Okay, understood? Right.

To those whom have called these lands home or intend to contribute to their growth:

It would seem there is a war brewing in the main lands of Cinderfel, it is my intention to travel there this winter and negotiate terms of neutrality. This type of negotiation is not necessarily my strong suit but I am sure I will do fine.

That being said, I would seek the aid of at least one advisor and strong arms to accompany me as I would prefer to leave most of my guards here to protect the citizens. One adventurer is worth 20 guards or something like that, as Jones would say.

If you believe you have the skills or strength to assist me please make your way to my keep so we can hash out the logistics.

Lord Charles Bennington III
Dictated, not scribed

What? No, I don't want to read it back, just send it out I am sure it's fine, seriously where do they find these people?