A Plan to Plane Burrow


My eggs have hatched! But my little Aether Ants have ran away!

This is what I get for leaving them with an eggsitter, I suppose. Even a really great eggsitter. They hatched when I was not there and in their confusion they burrowed away into another plane. Ember! Cinder! Pyra! Pyro! Soot! Come back! We all know Digger was the one behind this, but even he should return home to the farm!

My research is delayed until I can collect my babies again and find a way to keep them where they belong, safe on this plane of existence in the farm that I have been working to build them all summer.

The good news is that I know I have many brave friends here in Wayside who will help me go through the hole they dug and follow them from this plane unto the next until we finally retrieve my babies!

The bad news is I don't know how to convince them to stay once we do bring them home.