A Request for Celestial Ritualists

To any Celestialist with the capability of casting formal magics,

I have recently come into possession of a scroll to enhance my own magics through Magic Evocation. I am in need of a ritualist, or a few who would be able and willing to spellcraft this enchantment on my spirit, for a payment of course. Eventually, I am looking to make this enchantment last, but for now a more ephemeral version is all I am requesting. I will be taking a break from my research around the 14th-16th if any ritualists are available.

Stars guide you,
Tel'rendiir Baeryth

If you have the resources available to cast the ritual I would suggest that over spell crafting it. If you are lacking components, reach out. I'm sure some can be bought at an affordable rate.

Renshi Ignathis Nachtfeuer-Bochkov of the Company
Hello Tel'rendiir Baeryth,

I have not looked at that particular scroll in a while but I remember it being relatively easy to spellcraft. However, you can have only one spellcraft on your spirit at a time. I am assuming you are looking to try to add this to a batch of rituals you plan to have cast in the future or after a small number of spellcraft, I think less than half a dozen you would have spent the same number of components.

Aramis Seablade of the Company
Aramis and Ignathis,

Thank you both for reaching out. The intention is to eventually permanently bind the enchantment to myself, though I can foresee acquiring the means to so being either time or cost intensive. Either way, I do not require it to be cast anytime soon, just antsy to be more efficient in my duties. If you or anyone you know would have the means for permanency, I would greatly appreciate an introduction.

Thanks again,


Though I do not believe we've met, I enjoy the discussion of rituals and the construction and collection of ritual scroll into efficient items. Should you wish to discuss the subject or are seeking the advice of a master ritualist, feel free to seek me out.

Magician Beryl M.R.
Goodfolk Baeryth,

The Great Dragon has recently granted me insight into the intricacies of dragon script and though I cannot say whether I shall remember their vagaries ever forward, I would be happy to practice my arts and Spellcraft this draconic magic for your use. If you have a chance to stop by the University in Wayside, or our pending satellites in Gavaria and Rathfall--and I still have the wherewithal to accomplish the task--my services are at your disposal.

Furthermore, if you consider yourself a new adventurer and are willing to dedicate your time and honour to the betterment of the kingdom and maintenance of the Balance as a Steward, the University of Prademar will finance the reagent costs necessary to this endeavour. In addition, the University has other dragon scripts which would be available for your service as a Steward. This support is not contingent on my waxing and waning abilities as a formalist as it is a standing endowment from the University.

Dramthin Hartsboon
Prademar University
Keeper of the Tainted Grove

Permanency is a very valuable ritual which also requires a catalyst (also hard to get). It can be used on multiple rituals that are cast at the same time. As someone who appears to strive for efficiency I would also take the time to consider what other rituals you would like permanently affixed to your spirit.

If this is something you intend to use frequently I would follow Iggy's advice and consider completing the whole ritual rather then spell crafting. However, in my experience, specific situations which benefit greatly from this ritual have not been terribly frequent and as such I would hold onto but only spell craft when needed or necessary. But then again I don't find myself memorizing much evocation magic and often rely on scrolls to that end, so you may have different experiences than I. Regardless that is my two silver.

I'm more than happy to continue our morning coffee conversations, I look forward to seeing the celestialist you grow into.


As many have said, the most cost effective way is to have it cast in its fullest, however I do allot of spellcrafing and would more than willing to assist you with that if still needed.

Sir Corbell