A Request from the Grand Marshal

Grand Marshal Xander Gloom requests assistance from all those taking up the title of Adventurers, be they local or travelers, on the 18th day of the coming month. More details will be provided at the time, but he assures all involved that this is a matter of the utmost importance and discretion and that it is in an effort to assist High Arcanist Illkari to acquire several of the remaining items necessary for his ritual this coming fall.
Um... Question.

If we want people to help and it is super important.
Why are we also suppose to be discrete about it?
Shouldn't we be more like. "Hey we got a big list of cool stuff to find. Wanna help?"

Just asking.


It is my understanding that the list of reagents, components, and catalysts that I require for the ritual this fall has been shared freely amongst the adventurers, if that is not the case please let me know and I'll ensure that it becomes common knowledge posthaste. As for the specifics of the mission on the 18th, all necessary information will be shared with those present, however, the matter involves the ongoing safety and well-being of Bastion as a whole, which is why the need for discretion.

-High Arcanist Illkari