A Song for Crowe

Air Raksa

We have lit the torches. We have drunk the wine. We have sung the songs for our brave brother.

We mourn the loss of Paladin Sir Victarion Crowe. Another Prince of Fortannis lost to us.

When last he and I parted ways, I said "Die well Sir" and he answered with a smile "All of my deaths have been good ones"

We will never forget you.

Hail the Glorious Dead.



As we walked away after the fight on Sunday night, I found myself singing the song that Keely and Tova sang for Paladar at her spirit farewell.

"Don't shed a tear for me, I stand alone,
This path of destiny is all my own.
Once in the hands of fate, there is no choice,
A echo on the wind, you'll hear my voice.

Some choose to fall behind, some choose to lead,
Some choose a golden path, laden with greed.
But it's the noble heart that makes you strong
And in that heart, I'm with you all along.

So when you think of me, do so with pride,
Honor and bravery ruled by my side,
And in your memory, I will remain,
I will forever be within the flame.

Now at the journey's end, we've travelled far,
And all we have to show, are battle scars,
But in the love we shared, we will transcend,
And in that love, our journey never ends."

The people who died to help protect these lands will never, and can never be forgotten. As you mourn our loss, celebrate their lives and their choice: to love something enough to give everything for it.

Hail the glorious dead.


Flyaway Bird

(Written in a frail but elegant script)

Lord Paladin Victarion Crowe, knighted by the King of Syraandor, who served the Queen of Eire and all of Laerthan until his last breath. A man who was once Storm Crow of the Raven Tribe, then Chieftain of the Black Flame Tribe. One would be hard-pressed to find a more stalwart gentleman. A good man and a better bridge partner. May you find peace with Verlana in the Graveyard, my young friend. When my old bones make it there, I expect many more games with you.

~Francis P. Teawaddle
After listening to the dreams and much meditation on my part, I feel I must speak briefly.

Paladin Crowe confronted me, away from his own lands, surrounded by Icenian citizens. I met Paladin Crowe only that once and that was because I insulted his lands and his people. People whom I offended with a rash dream.

Paladin, though it may be too late, I apologize. Your people are filled with honor and resolve and love for their lands. No matter the blight or the enemy they stood strong and fought to the last. Just as you did.

Thank you for reminding me just what "everywhere and always" truly means. I will raise a drink in your honor.

Hail the Glorious Dead.

-Paladin Tyler Balloch
Champion and Cil Cilurion