A traveler emerges from a portal

A shimmering purple portal opens and a figure drops from it, landing in a puddle with a splash.

"Aww that's great, thanks Elspeth. You really need to work on your aim." He exclaims out loud. He squints to avoid the midday sun and scans his environment. Spotting his target a few miles in the distance he smiles and starts walking the city.

"Time to start my vacation."
Mevanwy bolted to attention at the sound of a splash, immediately nocking an arrow and aiming at the ripples. However the moment the person stood up and started cursing at the drop location, Mevanwy tilted her head curiously, lowering her aimed bow as she watched him walk toward New Acarthia.

"... Jinn?" She asked curiously as she motioned for him to join her.
Jinn head snaps around and he faces the person calling his name. He stares for a second and a look of recognition and relaxation washes over his face.

"Is that... Mevanwy? From the forgotten shard?" He strides over, arms open, smile spreading on his face. "Amazing to see a friendly face so soon into my arrival! How are you faring? If I am not mistaken you were working with... for...under... I never remember how it works here.. sorry I'm rambling. The Baron, Darius, you were with him in the shard correct? So I must have made it to New Acarthia!"
Mevanwy relaxed her shoulders, the sudden wave of danger washed away by recollection. Her lips curled up in a smile as she greeted him.

"Yes, Baron Darius was one of the members we worked alongside. Were you planning on this visit to New Acarthia? It didn't seem as such, based on your...hmmm... abrupt landing?" She inquired, her brow quirked up slightly.

"I'm faring decently, and I've learned much more about New Acarthia since I saw got last as well. However there has been increased activity coming from the Howling Woods here, so many have been keeping an extra eye, or arrow, about," she added in answer to his question, lifting her bow only slightly as if for show. She kept walking, but her ears were still on alert. The last thing she needed was for something to come out at them.

"Did you come for the masquerade, or for other reasons?" She asked in turn, wondering to herself in that moment if other travelers would be joining them as well this gather.
"My entrance was partly due to the bad aim of the greater fae lord who sent me here. I'm still not sure if she is going to bed any better, but they say practice makes perfect. But I did come to New Acarthia for the masquerade yes."

At the mention of activity Jinn noticed her eyes starting around, scanning their surroundings. His right hand instinctively grazed the hilt of his swords. His voice lowers in volume slightly, but his happy tone doesn't change.

"Well how very fortunate for me that I landed so close to a friend, given that I know absolutely nothing about these howling woods you speak of. Perhaps Elspeth's aim is not that bad after all. Should I be more alert around these woods?"