A Traveler's Guide to the Kingdom of Videa


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[This guide is posted on the public notification boards of inns throughout the Kingdom of Videa.]

A Traveler’s Guide to Videa


Welcome, traveler, to the Kingdom of Videa. Recently, more visitors have come to Videa from other Realms beyond the Mists. The Caligonauts, explorers of the lands and Mists, have determined there are many Realms beyond this one; many have customs unlike ours. We invite you to explore our kingdom to trade, learn, and forge alliances. The King grants passage and protection to all throughout his Kingdom so long as they follow the laws, listed below.

Laws and Enforcement

The Kingdom of Videa is ruled by a Monarch, currently His Majesty, King Leonis Videa, The Fifth of His Name. The Monarch’s rule is absolute. Seneschals hold positions of advisement to the King and have varied duties. Seneschals hold no rank above other officials, however they hold a highly respected position and should be treated accordingly. Earls are the highest official of each Shire (region) in the Kingdom. Earls have many duties in overseeing a Shire, including passing judgment and punishments in cases of capital crimes. Sheriffs are officials who may arrest criminals, as well as judge and enact punishment of High and Low Crimes. The orders of Earls and Sheriffs must be followed. Sheriffs may appoint Deputies to aid in arresting a criminal. Deputies may use force as authorized in the arrest, but are not officials and hold no position once the task of arrest is complete. Magistrates hold rank above all other officials, and speak with the word of the Monarch. Any orders or declarations from a Magistrate should be treated as if they came from the Monarch himself.

Capital Crimes
-Treason (Execution and Exile from the Kingdom)
-Enslaving (Execution & Upon Resurrection Service to the Kingdom for no less than 3 Years)
-Murder (Execution & Upon Resurrection Service to the Kingdom for no less than 2 Years)
-Kidnapping (Execution & Upon Resurrection Service to the Kingdom for no less than 1 Year)
-Collusion with an enemy of the kingdom (Execution)
-Repeated offense of a high crime (Execution)

High Crimes

-Major destruction of property
-Battery with lethal intent (Victim was dying or dead, but their body did not dissipate)
-Inciting a riot
-Perjury/Obstruction of justice
-Extortion and Racketeering
-Unauthorized administration or possession of Amnesia
-Major theft
-Repeated offense of a low crime

Low Crimes
-Collusion with a necromancer
-Battery with non-lethal intent (Victim did not require healing to prevent death)
-Minor destruction of property
-Trade of fraudulently represented goods
-Petty theft (Items under 5 Silver in Value)
-Incidental destruction of property
-Insubordination to an official order

Any criminal who refuses or is unable to pay a fine shall be sentenced to service to the Kingdom.
Any criminal sentenced to service to the crown who refuses to perform their service to the Kingdom shall be executed.

The Mist-Wall and Monstrous Creatures
Videa is surrounded by the Mists, which separate Videa from other Realms and other Realms from each other. Passage through the Mists is dangerous and not advised for anyone traveling without thorough preparation and adequate combat capabilities. Monstrous creatures within the Mists regularly attack travelers. Additionally, it is difficult to navigate the Mists, to the extreme that travelers regularly report walking straight forward only to pass a landmark again in the opposite direction.

Videa, including the Kingdom of Videa and the Outlands, are protected from the threats of the Mists by the Mistwall. At most times the Mists and the beasts within are held out of Videa by the Mistwall. The Mistwall functions similarly to a powerful Warder Glyph, except only in one direction. Anyone may exit Videa into the Mists at any time and attempt travel to other Realms. Anyone attempting to enter into Videa through the Mistwall will usually die.

The Spirit Guardian, which generates the Mistwall, appears to sleep for a few days each month. During the Spirit Guardian’s slumber the Mistwall is inactive, allowing entrance for well-intentioned travelers and monstrous creatures alike. This is a dangerous time to be near the location of the Mistwall, as creatures from the Mists invade Videan territory and the Mists themselves intrude. Scholars are now able to predict the slumber of the Spirit Guardian, better enabling planned passage through the Mistwall.

Geography and Outlands Cultures
The Kingdom of Videa occupies approximately half the land within the Mistwall. The Kingdom is bordered on the North and East by the Spikeback Mountains and the South by Lake Arguan. To the West are the Outlands, so named because the Kingdom of Videa has historically had difficulty exerting influence there. Travelers passing through and beyond the western farmlands into the Outlands may encounter wild animals and monstrous creatures of varied intelligence even when the Mistwall prevents further creatures from entering. The Outlands continue west until the Mistwall.

The Outlands are home to two settled cultures of Videan citizens who choose to live outside the King’s protection. These cultures are not like the Kingdom of Videa, however they are civilized and accordingly extended the protection of the King’s laws. Be advised that the Kingdom of Videa does not maintain regional authorities in the Outlands and our neighbors have their own customs. While the law of the crown may reach into the Outlands, travel into this region forgoes ready access to the Kingdom's justice. Non-citizen, aggressive humanoids and other threats roam the Outlands.

High Orcs settle along the border of the Mistwall, both in the Kingdom of Videa and in the Outlands. High Orcs are dedicated to fighting the monsters of the Mists. They are invariably prepared for combat, but are generally friendly toward other civilized peoples and often offer protection from monstrous creatures. Occasionally, they have accompanied travelers into the Mists.

Chaosborn occupy multiple forests within the Outlands. Chaosborn are highly free-spirited people. Though the Chaosborn themselves are generally peaceable toward travelers, the forests are also home to many monstrous creatures. Chaosborn are often capable and friendly, but they rarely engage with travelers.

In addition to the civilized races of High Orcs and Chaosborn there are other less civilized races that dwell in the Outlands. These sapient but uncivilized people come from different races, such as Goblins and Gnolls, but are generally categorized together as Beastmen. The Beastmen can often be found living in tribes and working together. However their propensity to steal, murder, use necromancy and a myriad of other disreputable activities have made them enemies of the crown. They are not afforded entry into the kingdom, and are not protected under the laws of the crown.

The Caligonauts
The Order of Caligonauts is a new organization funded by the Crown and dedicated to the exploration and understanding of the Mists. We have known for ages that other Realms exist through the Mists, based on old records, stories from travelers, and the occasional person resurrecting in the Earth Circle from one of those Realms. In addition, we believe that ruins of ancient civilizations lie in the Mists. The Caligonauts were formed to explore the dangerous Mists in search of knowledge and resources. Adventurous travelers from other Realms are invited to speak with the Caligonauts about opportunities for exploration, trade, or employment.
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