"A Very Eclectic Shopping List"


Wisconsin Staff
The next Alliance LARP Wisconsin one day event, "A Very Eclectic Shopping List", to be held on June 18th, is open for Pre-Registration! All pre-reg's and payments are due by June 12th. The cost will be $25 for this event. To NPC for this event the cost is $10. This includes a tasty meal provided to you as well. Pre-regging and prepaying for this event will knock $5 off from the cost! Please make all payments to alliancewisconsingm@gmail.com via paypal.

The event will be held at
4300 Graceland Blvd. Racine WI. 53405 starting tentatively at 10am.

To Pre-reg please fill out the form on the CMA and send any questions or concerns to alliancewisconsinlogistics@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing you for the next one day event for Alliance LARP Wisconsin.