"A Whole New World"


Wisconsin Staff
The first Alliance LARP Wisconsin weekend event, "A Whole New World", to be held on September 30th, is open for Pre-Registration! All pre-reg's and payments are due by September 25th. The cost will be $80 to PC for this event, to NPC for this event the cost is $20. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Saturday are included with your event fee. Pre-regging and pre-paying for this event will knock $10-PC/$5-NPC off from the cost!

Please make all payments to alliancewisconsingm@gmail.com via Paypal or alliancewisconsingm@gmail.com via Zelle.

The event will be held at Camp Juniper Knoll: East Troy, WI 53120

The site opens 6PM on Friday September 30th, Logistics AND a soft lay on will begin at 8PM with PC talk and the hard lay on around 9-10PM.

Pre-registration for this event should be completed on the CMA: https://db.alliancelarp.com/events/629

Send any questions or concerns to alliancewisconsinlogistics@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing you for the very first weekend event for Alliance LARP Wisconsin.

We are requiring a 95% vaccination rate of all attendees at the event, and part of pre-registration will include proof of vaccination. Non-vaccinated players will be capped at 5% of total attendance, and if you are unvaccinated, you may be put on a “waiting list” to attend until more vaccinated players are registered. Get your vaccines, folks! With the expansion of vaccines available to the public and the amount of time before the event, there should be ample opportunity for our players to get their vaccinations in time, with the unvaccinated 5% comprising only those that are truly unable to receive the vaccine for medical reasons (allergies, immunocompromised, etc.).

Lastly, all attendees must have a current Alliance LARP Wisconsin Yearly Membership ($20).

Menu to come later!

1. Sam S.
2. Claire B.
3. Jenn P.
4. Jonathon D.
5. Sid P.
6. Anna D.
7. Duane W.
8. Daphne P.
9. Julia S.
10. Ezra F.
11. Ryan C.
12. Jared M.
13. Ron T.
14. Judah B.
15. Austin M.
16. Jami M.
17. Jeff S.
18. Cole D.
19. Charles F.
20. Jason P.
21. John G.
22. Elizabeth H.
23. Ethan R.
24. Ian S.
25. Derek S.
26. Daniel P.
27. Ian H.
28. Ryan W.
29. Dwayne B.
30. Ib A.
31. Jonathon M.
32. Sarah M.
33. Ben B.
34. Rynn L.
35.Alex M.
36. Stephanie P.
37. Michael J.
38. Steven B
39. Danielle C.
40. Kelly L.
41. Brian G.
42. Nay S.
43. Ana N.

1.Carrie B.
2. Nate B.
3. Andrew N.
4. Thomas M.
5. Morgan M.
6. Sol G.
7. Tab M.
8. Seamus C.
9. James S.
10. Ainsley S.
11. Rebecca P.
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Officially at 20 PC's for the first weekend event!! Keep those Pre-Reg's coming in!!!
It greatly helps our staff to plan the event out knowing how many people to expect and what your needs are.

Also, Please remember that you must complete all of the questions in the Pre-Reg and prepay by September 25th to receive the discount!!

All meals will be prepared by the new chef to our team, Matt! Matt has been a chef and has catered as a hobby and career for 20 years now!!!! He will be creating a character shortly and will be our In Game "Tavern Keep". Please give him a warm welcome to our community when you finally get to meet him!

We will do our best as Plot, Staff and Kitchen, to keep to the times provided below for the serving of our meals. I'm sure as many of you know, things sometimes happen, both IG and OOG. When those 'things' happen, staff will do our best to keep all PC's and NPC's up to date on rolling changes.

Fridges are available for use in the PC cabins, however, please keep in mind, if you use them, please clean them on Sunday at Game off. There is absolutely no one to be cooking in ANY kitchen other then Matt, unless they have permissions from the owner or the GM. Please email the GM if you have a medical need to use the kitchen at alliancewisconsingm@gmail.com. Thank you!

Breakfast - served 9am to 12pm
*Sliced Meats and Cheese
*Yogurt and granola
*Scrambled Eggs
*Bagels and Cream Cheese

Lunch - served 2 pm to 4pm
*Curried Chicken Hand Pies(Vegan GF Option Available)

Dinner - served 7 pm to 9pm
*Stews - Beef and Root Vegetable/Vegan Lentil Options)
*Garlic Rolls
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Unless something drastic happens, this event will be a 2.1 event. Prepare yourselves and your preregs accordingly. If the unthinkable happens and it becomes a 2.0 event, players will be notified immediately. The staff will make accommodations or changes to the best of their ability in a timely fashion.
Thanks. Will you be opening up the Beta Pre-reg today as well?

Or do we just print our own cards and show at logistics? Or other?
Thanks. Will you be opening up the Beta Pre-reg today as well?

Or do we just print our own cards and show at logistics? Or other?
Pre reg as per normal and print your card if it differs from the cma.
Pre-Reg for this event is now closed!!
However, if you would like to come to the event, you are more than welcome!!
Please still fill out the CMA registration and prepay upon your leisure.
Money is accepted at the door, but not the preferred method.
Hello all!!

Update! We have recently received word that our site will be shared with Girl Scouts this upcoming weekend. As such, the buildings that we have acess to have changed a bit. As such please see the below for our new cabins and there purposes. Please note that we do not have assigned cabins for individuals, grabbing a bunk is first come, first serve. Please do not take another bunk for storage purposes or for doubling your mattress until you are sure that bunk is not needed. If you have any issues, please reach out to a staff member for assistance.

Check in/Logistics will be within the main Dining Hall. Site opens at 6pm.

Citadel - PC building - Have not confirmed if fridge is in this building
Wilderness - PC building - Fridge
Health Center - NPC/Medical building - Fridge
Dining Hall - Tavern
Tenting options have not changed
(if any further building shall be acquired, we will notify all at the PC talk)

Please do not go to the East side of the camp including the promise lodge as that is where the Girl Scouts will be during the weekend.

Looking Forward to seeing all of you in a few days time! Thank you.
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Greetings everyone! With the event 2 days away, please take a look at the LCO effects that Plot will be using for the rest of the season. We will go over these again at PC talk.

Skill Sap: This is an effect that if you're hit by it, you will lose 1 skill in memory or 1 spell slot as if they were expended.

Skill Recovery: This is an effect that if you’re hit by it, you will gain 1 skill or spell spent from memory back. This can stack with Recharge Prowess.

Bedlam: A carrier that is opposite of Elemental Order. This is elemental chaos not necromantic.

Terror: This is a command effect. Follows all rules of paralysis except for it lasts only 1 minute.

Gaze: Delivery method used like Voice Radius but only targets 1 PC. Example: “Gaze <PC Name><Standard Call>: “Gaze, Pebbles Spell Sleep.

Wild Magic: A delivery type like Spell or Elemental. It cannot be protected against by Spell Defenses. Any effect delivered via Wild Magic may still be protected against with Effect Defenses normally. The Call will be “Wild Magic <Effect>”

Lesser: This may be added to any standard effect with a timed duration to reduce its duration to 10 seconds.

Page Circles of Power: These Circles will be placed on the field of a MOD to allow for Pages and anyone who has medical restrictions. Before the start of the MOD, these individuals will be aware of the Circles. Only these individuals will be invested in these circles, but may recognize others in per standard rules. They will be distinct in color.

Thank you and we look forward to see you all in 2 days!
Hello friends!

Does your chapter have an rules IG or OOG to follow for setting up a PC run shoppe?
If you are familiar, I run a larger shoppe as my PC in Chicago, but for traveling, I have a smaller set up that would fit on picnic bench or table with a few things to sell. Were I to set up, is a corner of the Tavern ok, or another location you wish to designate for that kind activity (if permitted)?
Please let me know if there are any local laws or Chapter rules, preferences, or policies I need to abide by.
Hello friends!

Does your chapter have an rules IG or OOG to follow for setting up a PC run shoppe?
If you are familiar, I run a larger shoppe as my PC in Chicago, but for traveling, I have a smaller set up that would fit on picnic bench or table with a few things to sell. Were I to set up, is a corner of the Tavern ok, or another location you wish to designate for that kind activity (if permitted)?
Please let me know if there are any local laws or Chapter rules, preferences, or policies I need to abide by.
There are some pinic tables outside of the tavern building under a porch. This would be a good spot to set up any kind of shop outfit. The tables inside are not much for a good spot to sell goods.
Thank you everyone for coming out this weekend. It was an amazing weekend with a lot of fun moments! 41 players to our first weekend event. I am pleased as punch. <3

Thank you for coming and making this weekend so amazing! If you have pictures post em here! Post your favorite moments!
Good day Adventures and friends, Attached here is our PEL for our opening weekend. Please feel free to fill it out with comments and concerns you had with the event. Your feedback is important to improving our game and figuring out what kind of things you all would like to see in our game.


Attached as well again is the 2.1 survey. If you played a 2.1 build please fill this out with feedback as this will help the owners finalize new rules and make tweaks to those already on the docket.


One last announcement from me is a bit of I need all you fine folks help. Due to some technical issues I no longer have a list that includes all the ritual scrolls that were dropped this last weekend. In an effort to rebuild that list and prepare for future technical issues that I now know may occur, If you have a ritual scroll number 67-137 from this weekend please email Wisconsin logistics with the ritual number and what ritual it was. I appreciate you all and can’t wait to see you all again at next event.

Logistics email: alliancewisconsinlogistics@gmail.com
I'll kick off the favorites!

I wasn't sure I'd be able to make this game due to health and am so glad I was able to – a special shout out to the staff who helped accommodate and bore with me throughout. Being part of the Aviary was both a privilege and a blast, and I can't wait to do it again; thank you for all of you who put up with the sheer chaos and ridiculousness of us this weekend, I hope we were more entertaining than we were obnoxious, even if marginally. A few favorites in no particular order –
  • Sarah's unflappable Dowager, your relationship with Reginald was wonderful and the RP was such a 180 from Tuli; completely top notch!
  • The dog show becoming a mod in its own right; it will be amongst my top LARP memories forever #justice4tentacles
  • Hudson playing chaperone and calling incants in his impeccable accent adding Drama to every fight
  • Tusk, Tooth, and Talon diplomatic tea time, where legendary alliances were forged
  • Poetry date night – between Dmitri and the Doctor I remain so impressed. Who knew orcs had such a love of literature
  • Maeiv's costume and makeup! Flawless from top to bottom
  • The orc mosh pit – it was awesome in general seeing so many orcs in one place and each of your characters was so fun
  • I ship Dmitri & Odette and Pavo & Everyone and nothing can stop me
  • The politely baffled looks of "but why" every time an Aviary member introduced ourselves with our full names
  • Getting to connect at the Ember Ring, always
Thank you everyone for everything, especially Brian who was stuck in the car with me to and from the airport and Sol, who was an airtight logistics one-stop shop. Can't wait to play again!
I had a great time hanging with folks and running around with the Orcs!

  • Seeing the Aviary slowly increase one by one. When I learned there were 3 more I was on the lookout. First came Kelly in all white as the Swan, then Sarah comes out of nowhere with Pauliana and finally Brian with the hawk(I think hawk). Seeing them all on Saturday in Safari garb blew me away!
  • The Dog Show. Hooter McGavin got runner up. If he just did the Pole Dancing I'm sure he would of got it! I can't believe we all lost to an actual dog at the dog show.
  • Nerovar coming over to tell me the thing we joked about in the car is being sold by the Negotiator so we were able to snag it.
  • I love the headpieces of the various creatures!
  • The props were really cool like the boxes and supplies.
  • Ember Ring talk and most of us staying instead of fighting a Giant Spider. Priorities!
  • Me trying to butter up to Pavo all event, buying him a MI for his bow and giving compliments left and right and HE PICKS BERYL for a date! Devastated. When it was brought to my attention Pavo was just a gold digger I replied, "That's fine, he can take my money, I'm good with this!"
  • Having 6 Orcs in one place. I loved chatting with everyone.
  • The food. ALL OF IT. Every meal I felt full it and was incredible. Wisconsin should be the gold standard for larp meals for quality and quantity. Simply amazing.
Thank you to everyone for making this event happen! Without further ado, my favorites:
  • The Dog Show, I was so surprised on how many people participated in one of the more ridiculous things we've ever thought of..
  • Getting asked my name, multiple times by the same people.
  • Getting hit with the voice radius personality change, then immediately crafting a bunch of intoxicates to celebrate.
  • Feeling extremely useful in combat as an artesian.
  • Fighting an entire town mod with a cup of tea in my off hand and only spilling once.
  • The food, amazing job tavern staff.
  • Constantly trying to pedal my wares very poorly.
  • Tab's face when he say the two freshly dressed safari birds approaching the battlefield.
I'm sure there are hundreds of little things I have already forgotten. Looking forward to the next one!

Couple favorites from me:
The dog show and all of the different animals. I still have a soft spot for Tentacles (to ryhme with Heracles). He may devour the world some day but he's just so cute ^_^


Reginald! The most dapper of penguins

Time cave shenanigans

I made it through the event without gaining a single gold. I'm actually pretty proud of that.

The aviary and the sarr... and elfy!

Talking to one member of the aviary and having more and more of them come join the conversation until they had completely surrounded me. Elfy just about had a heart attack

And I know there's way more that I'm forgetting right now
A real blast this weekend. Great opener, can't wait for the next one
-After 3+ years of planning what started as a joke pipe dream, it was amazing to finally have the Aviary realized. Hope more people enjoyed us than were annoyed by our antics
-Dog show was greater than anything we imagined. Who knew what started as "hey wouldn't it be funny if we had a dog show, but with the loosest definition of what a dog is" could turn into something so fun. I'm sorry Mutt, we assumed the living person would win over stuffed animals :p
-Watching Andrew narrate while putting on increasingly more worrying costuming "I don't like what I'm seeing, Andrew" "Don't worry about it"
-Food was phenomenal. Only times I ate more outside of meals was because of being fat kid hungry, not actual hungry.
-Claire as Miev's reaction when asking how many more Aviary are coming. "two more!?"
-People's strong reaction to being called lowborns. "It is merely a geographical distinction....and because we're better than you"
-Testing the Time Cave by bringing in a bottle of wine, after being told it aged to becoming bitter, almost burnt taste: "Oh so it turned into Malort"
-Bearing witness to one of the first interactions with Sarah. "Oh Miss Paulina, may I hug you?" *Pause to grab outstretched hand* "No"

Omg! Thank you guys! I could only come Saturday and life is insane right now and this was amazing because each of you were amazing!!! I hope I came across as The Dowager green parrot as fun to be around and I immediately wanted to apologize for half the things coming out of my mouth! Lol so hopefully you guys enjoyed the character half as much as I did!

I’m sorry about the green feathers….

Kelly! Omg thank you for just jumping into being the other female bird with such gusto! I’m so glad you came! I wanted nothing more than to stay until 2am but my full 12 hour day Sunday wasn’t gonna let me!

Dan! Best. Butler. Ever. “Um can Reginald please help us fight!?!?” Dan stands there holding the train to my dress “He is busy.” I loved it! I love when you beat Sid in a fight too “well of course. What did you think my butler would lose!? Of course not. He is the best money can buy!”

Stephanie! How you keep a smile on your face and in character while you are in so much pain… dude! You rock!

Brian and John… your stupid falcon eating fluffy blue butt… omg

Derek! “Um… you are leading the dog show, right?” “What!?! Why… oh uhh sure sure … I guess Im making up rules about a fake dog show now!” I love it and thank you to the children that let us take their animals (spot of course is the winner… and alive)

“If you take Odette… you are taking me… which means you are taking Reginald… which… well now you have the whole damn aviary to deal with.”

Sarr and Orc politics - I love you guys

Ana! Your tea party!!!!

Sam!! You putting the rose in resin!!!

Also Ainsley! “I’m not taking that! That’s not how you call magic”. Lol Pauliana is 100% ‘Sarah learns the magic system to this game’ and welp… I have some learning to do!

Sid “what do you do?” “I have Reginald… what do you mean?” “No like what can you do?” “I can call lightning in a pinch but makes a mess of the other person and I get bits on my dress.” Sid stops talking…

Ian! You are hilarious and I need your wrist thingy

Jenn thank you for the pictures!!!

Food was amazing! Thank you kitchen!!!

So much … love you all!

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