Acceptable weapon sales



I'm, new to Alliance and am looking to purchase a weapon online (my buddy loaned me a sword /shield for the last event) . I am hoping to get some gear that can make it through inspection. Anyone know websites or vendors that sell weapons that are generally approved for safety? My friend recommended Heros edge on amazon but i figured id ask here as well.




Seattle Staff
I always recommend Epic Armoury, including their Ready For Battle line if you’re on a budget. I find their prices on Dark Knight Armoury tends to be pretty good, but you can price individual models easily enough via Google.

Hero’s Edge is surprisingly good; I say surprisingly because generally dirt cheap weapons usually have crappy cores. That being said, I’ve passed a few of their weapons here. A word of warning; I’ve seen some online reviews that indicate that some models have thin, flat edges (reminiscent of Calimacil) that strike too hard. If buying swords from HE, I recommend selecting the ones where the images show a rounder edge.

Now that I’ve looked at the HE swords, though, I’m not sure I’d want them. Their axes and hammers seem good, but the listed lengths for their swords seem longer than I’d want in a weapon, but that’s just my personal preference. :)