Action Picture


South Michigan Staff
I need a picture or ten, of a character in action.

What I am doing is messing with some new software to create "real world" spell/fantasy effects. In this case I am creating something of a blast wave off of a person in a cool combat pose or at least a really interesting pose. I will also be doing weapon auras. I need the picture to be large 'ish. More so than the smaller pictures on the main website.

If you have a pose with someone doing the He-Man "i have the power", the holding up the hands in the "I am breaking the world, dragon ballz grunting and powering up thing", or a cool pose in Mid combat generally facing the camera, or just looking at the camera in cool costuming and screaming, with a clear picture I will enhance it in a really cool way then give you the picture to use as you choose.

Here are a few examples from the main page of what might be a cool picture for this:


In every case the picture has to be pulled back more for a wider shot than these but you get the idea. Nothing will be published with out your consent. Period.

If you want you can email them right to me at

Travis/Zane Al'Vera