ACV Cultural Overview


Here at Alliance Charlottesville, we believe in the development of Cultures with a mixture of different Races within each one (for the most part; some cultures are more xenophobic or alien than others). Each Culture does have a primary Race or two that significantly influences that Culture, but no Cultures are purely homogenous. In light of this, we have created a world in which many Races share space within several Cultures and we encourage our players to develop their character concept first (Race, Skills, personality, etc.), then find a Culture that seems to fit them best. Please view the percentages below as rough estimates to give you an idea of the major Cultural influences within each society.

This is not a comprehensive list and more will be added as we find the appropriate wording to describe them accurately.

The Ardesh (85% Dark Elf, 10% Wylderkin)
The Proud and Noble Houses of the Ardesh once claimed lands stretching nearly half of the world of Urgwenteb. Their mountain holds and underground cities are wonders of achievement. The Ardesh Nobility play games of loyalty and allegiance in their struggle for prominence of their House.​

The Moiety (90% Barbarian/High Orc, 5% Elf)
These families of hunters have a strong sense of what it means to fully commit yourself to the people and earn your place as an adult member of society. "Don' take it if you can' use it."​

The Frozen Tribe (70% Barbarian, 30% Dwarf)
Sea traders far to the north in the frozen tundra are the only ones brave enough to ply the waters along the top of the main continent in Urgwenteb where passage means being closed in on both sides by the Tainted Lands. The Tribal Knowledge is kept by the long-bearded, and longer-lived Dwarves in this society.​

The Apsara (99% Elf)
The Elves from the trading port of Amppool provide beautiful and well-crafted goods to anyone willing to stop by and maybe engage in some friendly bartering. The Apsara are rumored to have grand, underwater cities hidden somewhere in the Sea of Ice, but their locations are protected by their fearsomely violent special forces, the Shields of Cormis. They are also the largest supplier of salt to the rest of Urgwenteb.
The Organum (99% Stone Elf)
A logical and organized society, the Organum live within a single city with massive walls and engineered defenses. Every member is assigned their tasks based on their innate skill and the needs of society as a whole. They have also integrated goblins into their society to conduct the menial labor that would be a waste of time for any Citizen to perform. In exchange, the goblins are provided housing and care far superior to the hovels in the woods they call "homes".​

The Rodicjo (90% Sarr/Pack Wylderkin)
A nomadic culture of mercenaries, the Rodicjo cartels rotate annually through different obligatory contracts around Urgwenteb in order to stay well-rounded. They enjoy gladitorial games in their liesure time and are fiercely loyal to their Family.​

The Guild (100% Hobling, not including contracted employees)
All overland trade is handled by The Guild. Anything you want can be bought for the right price and everything has a price. Guild representatives can be found in nearly every settlement around Urgwenteb, no matter how small.​

Coming Soon...
The Queendom of Khundabun (80% Dwarf, 10% Dark Elf)
The Tankou (90% Gypsy, 5% Hobling)