ADL - Summer 2022 IBGA (Deadline July 31, 2022)

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IBGA stands for In-Between-Game-Actions. Every chapter in the Alliance network deals with IBGAs in their own way. ADL is what we consider a “Living World” where the plot continues to move forward between events.

Policy Expectations for ADL IBGAs

  • A player/character must have been to a live Alliance Denver LARP game since January 2022 in order to submit an IBGA.
  • All IBGAs must be submitted by the assigned due date. Any IBGAs sent after the due date will not receive a reply. Submission Due Date: July 31, 2022
  • Your IBGA should be one sentence. This sentence should be brief, clear and concise and the goal of this action should be to do something during the downtime. Example:
    ”I want to find X information so I can complete Y task” The goal being to obtain a piece of information needed to do a task.
  • Submit to:
The main purpose behind IBGAs for our chapter is for characters/players to communicate to the Plot Team what plot lines they are interested in and find compelling. Participating in One Sentence IBGAs is the best way for a player to let our Plot Team know what they want to see more of or what they are doing during the downtime.

You will receive an email reply to you IBGA no less than 7 days before the next event. The response will also be short and concise, no more than a small paragraph. This is not a continued correspondence so responding to the email with more information or actions will not be accepted.

(Part of this concept was borrowed from Alliance Virginia)
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