Adrien's Field Notes - Silverdale Outpost

Jack Y.

Assistant General Manager
Before leaving for Knoch'Len, Adrien places his own field notes in the Magpie Meadery's library.

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Pale parchment with close, slanted writing in a dark brown ink sits on the table, four pages in total.

Each page is headed by:

"Field Notes - Silverdale Outpost
Recorded by Adrien Roth-Nightwing mac Zibiah
Scholar, Onyx Wardens
Triage Instructor, Dawnhart Academy, Knoch'len"


There is a fixed stone portal within viewing range of the Outpost's Magpie Meadery. Although this has been my first time traveling through the mists, it seems atypical to what I have observed before. This portal seems to focus where the typically capricious mists deposit travelers to a convenient and relatively safe location.


There are well-established Greater Earth and Celestial Circles of Power, with the current challenge being investment in the same. The Guildmaster of the Guild of the Living Tree is invested in their Greater Earth Circle, as well as barons who have traveled to the area.


There are a number of barons here, our very own Redcloud Blooddawn counted among them as well as a Baron Heinricht and Baron Armand. They seem to travel with their baronies and supplement one another. Gabriel, Meara, Quinnley, and myself have not pledged fealty to any of the barons, local or otherwise. I understand they go by "Your Excellency" and do not require any particular bowing or curtseying in greeting.

Other Groups:

There is an independent group known as the Crimson Cloaks (I hope I have recorded their name correctly) that are unbound to any barony but instead offer their skills and resources to protect the meek. Here, there are some guilds, particularly the Dragonfly Guild for new adventurers, the Earth and Celestial Guilds (The Living Tree and The Eclipsing Moon, respectively), an Alchemy Guild (The Bubbling Beaker), and a Blacksmithing Guild (The Singing Anvil.)

Information Exchange:

Information is freely exchanged here with a library in the Magpie Meadery. The wylderkin known as Pup has been instrumental in recording and organizing information about the various threats of the land, to include blighted creatures, scarecrows, undead, and a unique amalgam creature known as a "Wallaweggi", sometimes mispronounced as wallaweegie.


Lily O'Malley, the patroness of the Magpie Meadery, ensures that all who come under the roof of the Magpie Meadery have food and drink as needed.

A being of immense power who seems benevolent enough - he appears to be a simple man but was able to take myself and newfound friends to a place in which we were bestowed with boons after a great loss. Although I cannot begin to understand his motives, it would not be my first encounter with a strange and powerful entity who appears to be nothing more than a normal person.

"The Oracle":

A figure that appears to be a Selunari, if the Selunari were in the habit of having a third eye rather than a gemstone embedded in their foreheads. They wore a blindfold over where eyes would typically be, and had a disembodied eye upon the table in front of them. The eye on their forehead seems to be fully functional, as they were able to use it to read cards detailing the fate of myself and others after their representative came to bring people, whisked away through rifting. All who were present, to the best of my understanding, were willing to be there.

Whether this is a courtesy or a condition to enter their domain is as of yet unknown.


Components and ritual scrolls seem much more scarce at the Silverdale Outpost, and scrolls that would be beneficial to the town are held by the Barons or Lily (aforementioned Meadery Patroness) for the good of the outpost. When we left the realm, a Lore scroll and a scroll and catalyst for a Bountiful Harvest ritual were in the hands of the people there. I can only hope that they will be able to use them to effect to combat the Blight that seems to ravage their lands.


There is a blight that seems to have caused various creatures of the land to grow to great size and be corrupted. It seems somewhat similar to the problem back home with some of the Chosen at home who woke from their long sleep and were corrupted by blighted, sticky pits as well as the plant blight that attacked our crops. However, the increased size of insects in particular sparks other questions.

A miasma also blows up from a rift in the land, bringing with it terrible creatures with glowing purple eyes and nightmarish fiends. Take care and do not travel alone. If you can, protect yourself from curses."]