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    Zihr sat alone at a table in the Stream & Willow. "Horizon has been unusually quiet these last few days" he thought as he absentmindedly watched the fire crackling in the hearth. Lord Silverleaf hadn't sent word to his Cupbearer in weeks. Matron Captain Ebony Greywing hadn't sent any of her clan to discuss the kraken hunt either. Grull Grok, Cupbearer Keranna, Ghauld, Elros, not even Stellarin - who Zihr considered a friend ... at least as much a friendship as a Dark Elf and a Human could forge - had been in contact.

    "This is not a good sign, something is wrong" he mumbled to himself "especially with a gathering so soon."

    A cold gust of wind raced through the tavern as the main doors quickly opened to admit someone ...

    (ooc - thought it might be fun to tell a story together! Anyone can take it next!)
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    In comes Bruisey he sees his pal Zihr and grins. Zihr just looks at Bruisey with a little bewilderment. Bruisey can tell Zihr is lost for words. He quickly explains that he is participating in ancient tribesman tradition of celebrating the coming of colder weather, we do this by exposing our torso to the cold weather with no protection other than our hardy skin. “If yous don’t believe me yous can ask Ragnarok!” Bruisey Exlaims. Bruisey and Zihr set back down and start talking when all of a sudden they hear a shriek......
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    Ok, I don't shriek.... but a half naked man in my tavern as the cold sets in, brings out the mother bear in me! "Bruisey. Get some clothes on or you'll catch the death of your cold that none of my abilities will bring you back from!" It was nice to have "family" around again. It was getting lonely and the locals didn't say much. The wind incessantly blowing against the windows made me a little edgy. I have my nice new rolling pin to use on any new intruders since my last resurrection in April but I'm not so good with defending myself. Still, I cant help but feel a sense of something waiting...watching....

    Wish market day would hurry up and get here. I wonder who might be wandering next...
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  4. As I look out ward from the kitchen I wonder if Lady Johanna has forgotten that I'm back here. So I watch and wait, diligently getting food prepared for the adventures. As I work the back door creaks open....
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    ...”seriously, it was warm enough last weekend, glad it at least hasn’t snowed yet” I mumble to myself passing the back door and giving a glance to Keranna. I hang up the green coat, still bearing the badge and ribbons of the Corrupt Lord victories, which seem to have never been removed from the first pinning. A few orange leaves hit the ground, and I try to act as if the true signs of winter weren’t beginning to show so early; I sweep it behind a garbage can with my feet, unaware of the glances my direction. “Quiet in here...huh, really Bruisey? It like 34 degre...never mind. Evening.” And as I sit down to a mug of warm cider, a figure from outside catches my glance...

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    It is Gary and not Gary they once again try and have someone play hand in the box. Bruisey looks over at them and says “I is not going to put hand in box but I did like that Poke game that was fun.” Gary and not Gary rift off mumbling something about dressing up as Ragnarok.
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    Zihr catches Keranna's eye and gives her a nod. Keranna rolls her eyes at Zihr and goes back to food prep in the kitchen. He smiles at the different ways they wear their cupbearer sash - Zihr in the Old Gaden style of right shoulder to left hip, and Keranna in the Ravensong fashion of left shoulder to right hip - then turns to the company at his table. "Bruisey, I believe Ragnarok and the elders of your tribe are playing a bit of a joke on you. It's like the time they convinced you to trust fall with them blindfolded. If you believe in it, however, it may become a new fashion among the tribe. Key words - AMONG THE TRIBE. Here in the Stream & Willow I'm certain that Lady Johanna enforces a No Tunic, No Shoes, No Service rule."

    Turning to Lord Asher, Zihr dips his head to show respect to the last Lord of Old Gaden. "Lord Asher, I thought you were traveling Ravensong to search for any histories of our peoples. Your return is most welcome. What news do you have to share with us?"
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    Asher looks to the Cup Bearer and gives a nod as well, “Nothing Zihr, no audiences, no new information, I think we are simply on our own here.” In frustration Asher takes another seat. “I don’t suppose anyone has a Lore or Vision ritual we can use to find something of a lead?” He turns to the other 4 in the room..”Well, Maybe Gerty has one.”
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    Miles away, Rupe churned the muddy ground with her feet. One of her boots had peeled away from its soul, and was talking explicitly "I can understand you, you know" said Rupe "Roop! you should have got that Make Indestructibly Improved in ravensong, ya dam bastard. We could be boots E V E R L A S T I N G!" Rupe chuckled to herself, she missed those wide-eyed, heavy pocketed newcomers. Was Auren still the Goddess of ochre and termination? Would Rags ever get all those emotions out of his gut? How long will Keranna scare people with boned corsets, black lipstick, and sheer skill? Was Lady Johanna still keeping them all alive? Rupe would love a laugh with Arrious, but she had plenty of fond memories to keep her company.
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