Adventures to the front


Our continued defense of Barstow has shown that we have the strength to defeat the Hargrothian forces, yet they continue to plague the lands of Stradyn because they hold lands at the front.

While Lord Knight Henry Longshadow commands his soldiers there with great skill, he lacks the numbers and resources necessary to fully secure such a large front.

This is why I ask all adventures who are able, to join me and once again push the enemy back towards the shore, shrinking the front to a more manageable size. Last time we did so, we reclaimed many miles, greatly aiding the war effort and increasing morale among the brave soldiers who battle there.

The longer we stand, only in defense, the more civilian lives we put at risk. We must force the enemy from our shores and reclaim all of Stradyn. I look forward to fighting along side those who would join me in this effort.

- Squire Eldor

(PM, post or email me with an email address before 3/25 so I can include you in this Downtime)


We need as many people as we can for these efforts on the Front lines. Anyone not doing anything else should certainly join up.

-Sir Tantarus


I believe Kelb, in addition to some others, was interested. Goodman Kelb, will you accompany the mission to the front lines?

-Lord Polare Lissenstine


I cannot stay long in these lands but I will volunteer to go with you.

By my hand,
Squire Kendrick


It seems other projects are moving along without my involvement so I'll be aiding this effort once again.


After receiving some updated information from the front, we will be heading out tonight to get there when we will be needed most, anyone else wishing to join, let me know in the next few hours, so you dont miss us.

So far nine adventures have agreed to help. I look forward to fighting along side each of you.

- Eldor (Squire of the Ordo Salamander)


I apologize Squire Eldor. I am researching extra planar threats on behalf of the Celestial Guild and cannot join you.

Good evening,
Is it too late for me to join you?

Also, regrettably, I was elsewhere during our last gather, so I am unsure if I am able to join you?

I am not qualified to join you in the actual fighting, however I believe that as an Earthcaster who is also learned in first aid and healing arts, my skills will be useful and helpful.

I look forward to fighting the good fight, if I can still join in.