After the fire

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Kainah awoke on the small cot in her tent to the sounds of screams and the smell of smoke. She had only been back with the caravan for a few short hours but she should have anticipated this attack, but her brain was too clouded with the ordeal that she had gone through. Vomiting twice when she had made it back to her tent, trying to remove the taste of Corvin’s flesh from her mouth. A friend that she was forced to eat.

She quickly gathered her items and weapons together and made her was out of her tent. Around her people were scrambling to do the same, the fighters in their group were holding off the majority of their attackers, but a few were starting to slip behind their lines. They needed to run. “Retreat” the call sounded and people grabbed for what supplies they could. Others picked up children too small to run.

They moved all night and long into the next day, but Kainah didn’t want to rest too soon and give their enemies a chance to catch up to them. When they did finally rest near dusk the next day se wasn’t surprised to see that their group was much smaller. It seemed that many had left the caravan choosing to go their own way. That was regrettable but, okay. Anyone was always free to leave their caravan and she wasn’t going to change that policy now. Clearly in her absence things were starting to fall apart and people no longer felt safe among them. It also had the side benefit of another set of tracks for the Marrah to follow if they were chasing them.

Kainah sighed and sat down on the side of the road. She took off her bag started to dig through it. They needed a plan. Between her keeping cards close to her chest and only answering questions that were posed to her while she was enslaved to the letter of the questions posed to her left her with a few options up her sleeve. She pulled out a map and tried to find what she was looking for..... there. About a week away just to the south west of Haven. They found it when they were doing a survey of the area when she first went to Haven over 200 years ago. Not too many people knew about it and that’s where they would be headed.

Feeling confident with a new plan she repacked her bag and then looked around to make sure that she hadn’t missed anything when she saw it. A large white bead on the ground. She rubbed it to remove any dirt from it “How appropriate” she thought to herself as she added it to the braid at the base of her neck.
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Approaching one of the only other Sylvanborn in the camp Aldous looks around, ensuring that no one was close enough to overhear what was to be said. "Greetings Kainah. I hope that you have rested well following your ordeal. There are some developments which I would like to update you on."

Stopping to pull out a freshly crafted notebook he hands it to her. "This is a journal which we have begun tracking our journey in. It is hoped that this will prove beneficial when we seek entry to Haven as that they will be able to see how we have conducted ourselves." (Link to be sent in PM)

"Another matter, which may prove of great interest to you, is that concerning a task Sebastien has been undertaking. We discovered an item which turned out to be one of several keys to a prison holding one who claims to be a Titan, one who assisted in the creation of Haven. We have but one or two keys remaining in order to release it."

Pausing to allow this information to settle Aldous continues. "As that I am new to these lands I was wondering, what is Haven like? Those I have spoken with have no first hand knowledge and speak only of the ideal it represents; idyllic conceptions, while useful to keep a hope alive, often leave the facts obscured."
Kainah was slightly startled at the sound of someone approaching, relaxing only slightly when she saw the Sylvanborn in front of her. “I’m processin’ what I’ve been through. What I’ve learned. Right now I’m just tryin’ ta focus on gettin’ as many people ta Haven alive as possible. Once people are safe, I can deal with it.”

She took the notebook that was handed to her and started to thumb through the notes as she listened to Aldous and froze at the mention of a Titan. “All that I’ve heard is just stories really. When Haven was bein’ built I was back with me own tribe, me mother was alive, and me father was The Warden of Life. It wasn’t till later that travelled to the Haven as an ambassador from my people to the city. While I was there I’ve heard stories of how the city was made.”

“After the war there were powerful individuals who wanted to build a safe place for for people to flourish after so much devastation.In that they were successful. The people of heaven don’t want for anything, they don’t need anything, everything that they could want is provided for them. The city is safe from the outside world. It’s always a harsh reminder when I leave how harsh life is outside the safety of the walls. The city itself shines, made from something that is harder, but just as beautiful as dimonds. Never have I seen anything else like it here or heard of anything like it elsewhere.”

”And those who built the city were betrayed by one of their own. They decided to lock him away. I do know that this person is said to be extremely powerful though. If anyone would be able to help you with the problem that you are dealing with because of my father, it’s him. I don’t know if this Titan is this betrayer but it sounds like it. If he can help you, I suggest usin’ extreme caution. The leaders of Haven, the Sentinels, don’t do anythin’ without reason”
Kainah tapped the notebook. “I’m gonna barrow this for a short while if ya don’t mind. I need to get my bearings straight. And this will help a bit. I also could do with a list of people who you trust. Azel bragged that he had another spy among this group. I don’t know if he was tellin’ the truth or if he was just tryin’ ta tare us apart. Either way, I suggest usin’ cation on who has acess to what information.”
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