AGB Character Management Application Now Live!

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    Greeting AGB,

    I am happy to tell you that our logistics maestro Tyson has successfully converted the AGB database to the new Character Management Application (CMA). Returning players can now login to the CMA and find their character experience points, see how many gobbies they have and build their new 2.0 character. However, it is very important to NOT create test characters in the CMA. There is a specific application that allows you to play with your character build as much as you want BEFORE building it in the CMA.

    The CMA can be found here -

    The login is the email address associated with your character(s). Click the "forgot password" to reset your password. Once again, DO NOT build test characters in this application. Use the following link for this purpose:

    Once you are satisfied with your build, you can then enter it into the CMA. There will be two opportunities to revise your build after the first two play test events.


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    FYI, until the 2.0 rule set goes into effect, the old offline database is still the official system of record. Anything you do on the CMA is only temporary until then.
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