Age / Membership / Fees (RETIRED)


Gettysburg Staff

You must be 18 years or older to attend an Alliance Gettysburg event. Proof of age will be required in person to receive membership. This policy will be enforced without exception.


Membership Fees are required by everyone who wishes to attend an Alliance Gettysburg event, be it to PC or NPC. (Rates for membership on the registration page) The following memberships are available:

• One shot "Try it out" (option only available with convention promotion)
• Half Year Membership (Only available after July 1st of each year) You also receive 50 gobbies.
• Year Membership (You also receive 100 gobbies).
• Year Gold Membership (You will receive 250 gobbies and 1 x ever skill store item)

No membership will extend beyond December 31st of the year it was purchased in. (This means you do not want to purchase a year membership in November, as it will expire at the turn of the new year.)

Membership fees can be paid at any time, but are required to be paid to date to participate in any given event. Full time NPC’s will have their membership fees waived under the following circumstances: attend a minimum of 60% of the events, and do not attend any events as a player. If the requirements above are not met, then that person shall be asked to pay the appropriate membership fees at or before the next event they attend.

Membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Alliance Gettysburg reserves the right to revoke or deny membership to any person for any reason


• 1 Year Membership - $20 *(pro-rated to $5/event remaining in the year.)
• 1 Year Gold Membership - $50 not prorated due to bonuses given.
• Module Day : $15 Pre-register / $20 At Door
• Faire Day : $30 Pre-register / $35 At Door
• Weekend : $65 Pre-register / $70 At Door
• Long Weekend : $75 Pre-register / $90 At Door
• Event Meals : by donation only. Special meals or parties on site may require a "buy in" to participate
• Payment by Check: Make checks payable to, Marauder Industries and put Alliance Gettysburg in the notes section and what the check is for. (i.e. Alliance Gettysburg / regis. Sept.) Checks must be received no later than 7 days before the event to count as a pre-registration.(This means the Friday preceding the event)
• Mailing/Shipping address: Alliance Gettysburg, 519 Pine Street, Steelton PA 17113
• Returned Check Fee : $35
• Pay pal transactions have an additional 3.5% fee added in, which covers the transaction fee for using their service. This will appear as a mandatory shipping fee.

Transfer Policy

Players wishing to transfer characters and/or items from other Alliance LARP campaigns may do so in accordance with the following transfer policy.

1. Player must be 18 or older. See Age Policy for further details.
2. Items not normally produced under the Production Point system, but that do not contain magical properties (such as livestock, slaves, or miscellaneous treasure), will be accepted on a case by case basis. Potion, Scroll, and Alchemy labs, as well as Weapon/Armor forges are not transferable between campaigns.
3. All items or ritual effects marked LCO are non-transferable unless given special permission from both the items home chapter, and Alliance Gettysburg. The Head of Plot, GM or Owner are the only authorized people in Alliance Gettysburg that can give this permission.
4. All other items and rituals created or distributed under the Alliance LARP Ritual Policy, or Treasure Policy are permitted for transfer.
5. Note that Ritual Scrolls and Catalysts are LCO, and are not transferrable.
6. The Alliance Gettysburg staff reserves the right to restrict any magic item, ritual, ritual effect, etc. at any time.
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