Airport Rides Fri. And Mon.


I will be flying in for the national event and I need some kind of assistance getting from and to the airport.
I am flying through Midway. On Friday I land at 2:30 pm and on Monday I take off at 9 pm.
I am very fine with being very early back to the airport on Monday.
I am staying at a hotel about 15 mins from site, but I can probably get someone to get me to there from site if I can get to site.
I'm just asking for me, and probably a suitcase and a duffel.
Thanks, and look forward to meeting you.
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Am willing to resort to bribery. Coffee... Food... Gas... Sestina... The sestina will take longer than the other bribery options.
I have someone who should be pming you soon.

They will have room for 1-2 others as well for the record IF anyone is like man I could use a ride from Midway...