If some crazy Minnesota was thinking about flying out and playing with ya'll, which airport(s) should he look into? You know Hypothetically....
I'd probably say the Calgary International Airport. I believe it's the 3rd largest Airport in Canada. :thumbsup:

It's code is YYC. You'll end up a 10 minute drive from my store!
If anyone does happen to come from out of town/province/country to Calgary for an event, please let us know and we'll be happy to make arrangements to find rides and accommodations for you, should either be necessary! (If you are coming into town a day or two early, or staying later, etc.)

I'm still looking forward to having some of the awesome people we met in Pennsylvania come on up for an event! (hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink)
Anyone who is interested in visiting for an event is welcome to stay at our place in Airdrie. We have a spare room with a pretty good futon bed and I have lots of room in my truck for rides.

Biester Tal aka Lorne
You know Lorne, your not too bad for a birdbrain. ;)
He is kinda flighty though.
oh for FLOCK's sake! Let's not start the puns again. I'll have to MURDER the whole lot of you..... :disgust:
But dove he have it in him?
Enough of this! This gaggle of hens needs to stop clucking right now!