Alchemical Solvent Clarification

norman b

So the new Alchemical Solvent states "May now be used to make any Contact Gel inert." Which is pretty much what it did before.

Now how would this effect a Poison Cache? Does it make all contact gel's inert? Or does it only negate one? Does it not negate any as they are "cached" and not on the blade yet?


As in, what happens when you grab your friendly neighborhood rogue's Poison Cache dagger and apply a solvent to it? So evil. I like it.


I expect that the "any" is meant to describe its universal properties, not the quantity of effects it can nullify. But...that would be a pretty fun way to use Alchemical Solvent. I doubt it would happen all that often, since your friendly neighborhood rogue probably keeps his weapon on him at all times.

norman b

I expect that the "any" is meant to describe its universal properties, not the quantity of effects it can nullify.

This is the reason I was looking for clarification. Any isn't very clear...
My gut says that it would one render one cache of poison inert, leaving any remaining caches unaffected. In theory, it could also be used to render a cache inert without rendering a coating already on the weapon inert, but I feel like that would be somewhat hard to roleplay effectively and cause problems.

If I'm reading it correctly, the implied effect is that Poison Cache creates a compartment on the weapon that releases a stored contact poison onto the striking surface when a trigger is used; adding a Solvent only affects the one cache it's added to, because each is stored and triggered separately and any others in a cache will never come into contact with the Solvent.


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Then who chooses which coating is gone? Is it biased on first on first out? Last on first out? It would be simpler to just remove them all. If you left your weapon open for some one to do this you deserve to have all your coatings goe bye bye.
I would imagine that since any coating applied to a weapon is indicated by having the appropriate tag attached to the weapon in some way, whoever applies the Solvent picks one coating tag and removes it, thus signifying the coating has been rendered inert.