Alda Child of Autumn


More than you know, Santet. More than anyone realizes.

We of the Vanguard have always know, even if she doesn't realize it herself.


New Hampshire Staff
(A fragile and faint voice is heard, sounding focused through meditation, not dreaming.)

... Santet? Inspiration?? Very strange, hearing such foreign and great voices directed towards me in my sleeping hours!

This communication is difficult for me. My memory often fails upon waking. But know that Mycos and I are home safely. We are in the woods in Fairedale. I will be meditating for some time to attempt to recover from these... life-changing events. Thank you. Thank you for reaching out and protecting and educating me in so many ways...

(the voice fades and there is a moment of silence.)

... And ... Should you require anything I can provide, please send a detailed missive. I remember and respond in writing far more easily.

Be well, friends. I wish nothing but the best for your far-away lands...

(Your dreams are silent and peaceful for another moment, then the meditative feeling fades.)