All part of zhe plan!


Chicago Staff
Friends, and even those that can't stand me--you know who you are, hello anyways!

By now you've heard Vorg's invitation. I just want to tell you it's 100% legit. No strings attached, no treachery, a simple invitation. But why now? Also wait, THE legendary warrior, made famous with his exploits with Theodore Giles, Aquari and Artea has joined forces with the Olothen Empire? This can't be! What a betrayel!

Well, not really. So here is a little tiny backstory to this.

So, last year we all kicked the teeth outta Mazu-Maul. He was cocky, and died from it. Shortly after, Frederick Minotauros was also completely beaten down a few of his regeneration charges. He was demoralized. Poor thing. Each year since we killed the Ettin there has been a tournament to decide the new General. I nearly beat Vorg in the...well the round doesn't matter, but I had convinced Vorg to enter as he was an ally to all of us. With Vorg in the tournament, we had another agent on the inside. So, Vorg is now an Olothen General on the same rank as Kas'lo.

Speaking of Kas'lo, Vorg permanently killed his brother in the finals. Pas'lo had the form of a Dark Elf, but that's because he and his brother are Dopplegangers, who can take on the form of anyone permanently killed. So if you see a Dark Elf with Kas'lo's usual green armor, or a Dark Elf calling himself Pas'lo, it's REALLY Kas'lo, so don't get killed.

Expect that a lot of the higher officials within Dayspear and Sapphire Kingdom are Dopplegangers as well, as that is a confirmed thing the Olothens do. Kaslo specifically with the Sapphire Kingdom.

I won't publicly admit something else that's important, BUT, if and when we fight Frederick again, it's likely a good chance and I can confirm later that Healing Blades will rip him apart and bypass all his hide protection.

So onto more about Vorg. While he is still an ally, he's also mind-linked with The Great Leader. So, in some ways the Great Leader can read his current thoughts and communicate with Vorg. However, Vorg is REALLY smart and carefully words his honorbound promises to skirt around some details The Great Leader ask of him. The invitation is genuine, you're able to visit a human settlement, the Doppleganger hometown and another place without fear of conflict, though who knows if something will come up. I would take this opportunity to go and learn. Migs! There is a library, probably up your alley.

Another thing! There is a massive rifting whale that needs to be captured to propel the Great Leaders boat for if and when he makes a crossing. It is in the Wagnis Sea. This confirmed they didn't capture it before when I saw it last. So that's good! If they capture this whale, then The Great Leader will be heading to Terna.

Bottom line, this venture to one or more of these 3 locations is Vorg's way of giving us additional intel about this Nation. He'll also show you a demonstration by a top ranking LT that he trained, and you'll get Eve's cooking as well. It'll be like a vacation, to enemy territory, without the "enemy" part! We've convinced Frederick that you're all "defecting" potentially, so that'll make it simple. Also Kaslo is away in the Sapphire Kingdom, and doesn't know about this plan--because he's REALLY paranoid.

So, I'll have The Dirge of Winter docked in Arbor, hop aboard and learn what you can about this massive army that wants us all dead or servants to The Great Leader!

Well, I think that summed it up nicely.

A simple agent,


Chicago Staff

I will not be going. At all. Not even on the ship. Period. Please be safe.

May the light guide you,

Eve Rosenfeld

Apprentice Councilor under Grand Master Haven of the Research and Development Branch of the Greater Earth Guild of Terna
Owner of the Sparrow's Nest in Fairfax in Wayside


Hi I'm Lightning. Sounds like you're missing out on adventure Eve. I'm going on the ship Binks!



Chicago Staff
No Eve is right. Vorg may not have remembered, but Eve would not be safe in the Empire. At all.